If you have a NVMe disk that happens to let's say report inaccurate capabilities (i.e. lie cause it was built cheap), the NVMe driver in DragonFly can now attempt to survive the surprise.
DragonFly and Hyper-V's virtual disk support do not appear to co-operate well, according to this bug report.  Anyone have a Hyper-V host where they can confirm?
I am definitely doing very much nothing today. Your unrelated music for the week: The Best Beat Tapes of 2021.
Merry Christmas!  I am probably opening presents or poking my children to wake up and open presents hurry hurry, as you read this.
Longtime readers won't be surprised by any of the content, but there's a DragonFly overview at MakeUseOf.
It's on Jitsi so you can totally attend.  The announcement also mentions the next three months of presentations and who's coming in to present.  There's some good (not necessarily BSD) content on the way.
Guess which link this week is a business decision I am maybe considering...
Again, trying to clean out the Solene links in my RSS feed - and not succeeding!
I feel like it's perfect that the first article linked in this week's BSD Now is for GhostBSD, since this is exactly the right date for that pun.
There's some gift ideas in here.
A little short this week but the holidays are catching up to me.
Tomohiro Kusumi has removed the old GNU implementation of ext2fs from DragonFly and added the non-GPL-encumbered FreeBSD implementation of ext2fs.