No mini-theme this week.
Relatively quiet this week for BSD items, but it's a holiday week in the US.
This is a good mix this week.
Some history, some games.

Advanced ZFS Snapshots

has a literal headline, plus other straightforward articles.  No puns, darnit.
SEMIBUG's meeting is tonight, online, with Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation presenting.
No minitheme this week.
Note the upcoming SEMIBUG meeting.  I'll post a reminder.
This week's BSD Now talks about some recent history articles, and links to CultBSD, a new based-on-FreeBSD... distribution?  I'm not sure what to call these based-on-a-BSD products.
I need a D&D tag.
I've been on the road but had travel time just sitting there, so I was able to construct this a bit more calmly for once.
I sure hope you don't disagree with this week's BSD Now episode title.   Among other things, it talks about pot.