This week's BSD Now covers some releases, some history, and the very useful tool sshuttle, a VPN alternative.
zlib and dhcpcd are both updated in DragonFly... but my quick perusal of the commits makes it sound like bugfix only; no usage changes needed.
I didn't get them put together early, and I won't have time - sorry!  It's the first time I've missed it in a long time.
As anyone who has been running HAMMER1 or HAMMER2 has noticed, snapshots and copy on write and infinite history can eat a lot of disk space, even if the actual file volume isn't changing much.  There's now an 'emergency mode' for HAMMER2, where disk operations can happen even if there isn't space for the normal history activity.  It's dangerous, in that the normal protections against data loss if power is cut go away, and snapshots created while in this mode will be mangled.  So definitely don't leave it on!
Lots of variety this week; I'm happy with this link batch. Your unrelated music of the week: The Mysterious Professor 950’s Otherworldly Beat Tapes.
I'm leading with the most complex but perhaps also most unfulfilling link.
If you have a whole lot of I/O on a HAMMER2 system, this change will help.  This is I assume an outgrowth of dsynth testing, cause that causes many, many threads to be reading and writing.
This week's BSD Now is double-coloned.  Colonned?  I don't know the plural possessive of colon, but there's a nice selection of links to follow there.
SeMiBUG meets tonight, 7 PM, Altair Engineering.  Go, if you are near. (not sure about capitalization on semibug...)
Thanks to Erik Blomberg and the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, I now know the Digest has reached a whole new operating system: CP/M.  This entertains me. (It's the Digest being browsed in text mode on a TeleVideo TS-803, if you can't see the screen well enough.)
A mix of complaints, history, and odd technical items.  The usual!
I'm sure there's some recent stuff I missed; I will catch it in next week's roundup.