In Other BSDs for 2019/10/19

I’m leading with the most complex but perhaps also most unfulfilling link.

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  1. Project Trident rebasing with Void Linux (2020 OS MIGRATION). How to make your project just one Linux distro among many?

    I do not think this is such a bad idea. As far as I can see, Project Trident seems to be based on an excellent concept. I would rather wish the DragonFly community would pick it up as well and cooperate with Project Trident…

  2. When i heard about this move to linux of ex PC-BSD i tought exactly tje same, who needs another linux distro and its a pitty for pc-bsd its a dhift from something unique to one amongst many, as a new comer into a saturated market. Let’s see how successful they will be.

    Maybe thats the answer to all those questions whats better Linux or BSD now the solution id PC-BSD LINUX

  3. It won’t be pc BSD Linux, it won’t be BSD at all anymore and that’s the point.

  4. @anonymous seems your irony detector needs some overhaul, maybe try switching over to the sarcasm detector for the time being ;-)

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