I cleared my tab backlog, but I still have a RSS backlog to work through here.  Please be patient as I post a crapton of links and still don't make it to the end. Your unrelated listening of the week: The Best Metal on Bandcamp: September 2018.  Witch Ripper and Pig Destroyer are pretty fun, both to listen to and to say.
EuroBSDCon 2018 unfortunately had no video, but the presentations are showing up online.
For the future edification of others: I mentioned I installed DragonFly under Hyper-V on a Windows 10 laptop.  I wanted to be able to open a terminal on DragonFly while in my Windows environment.  I have that now; here's what I did:
  • Installed DragonFly in Hyper-V (see my prior install notes)
  • Installed xorg on DragonFly.  (pkg install xorg)
  • Installed Cygwin/X on Windows 10 - specifically, the xauth, xorg, xterm, xclock, cygutils-x11, and openssh packages.
  • In DragonFly, set these items in /etc/ssh/sshd_config :
    • X11Forwarding Yes
    • X11DisplayOffset 0
    • XAuthLocation /usr/local/bin/xauth
  • Run XWin Server on Windows 10.
  • Run CygWin64 Terminal on Windows 10
    • export DISPLAY=:0.0
    • ssh -Y (address of DragonFly host)
    • Once logged in, type 'xterm'.
At this point, a terminal window should pop up on your Windows machine, showing your DragonFly username@hostname as the prompt.  You are set! Next steps - getting this working with PuTTY, Pageant, and Plink.
BSDNow 265 has a con report - the just-finished EuroBSDCon 2018 in Romania, plus the usual roundup of news items.  One news item that will be useful someday: how to perform a BIOS update on a non-Windows computer.
If your kernel panics, the current state of memory can show why.  That memory dump needs to be saved somewhere.  'dumpon' is the command to specify the device that will keep it.  If you want to turn it off, you end up using the odd syntax 'dumpon off'.  Thanks to Aaron Li, there's now a linguistically-sane command: 'dumpoff'.
I still have a backlog.  Geez.  I'm starting to worry I'm posting too much for anyone to read through. Your unrelated dragonfly image this week: Common darter.
Still running on extra links from previous weeks.  Usually it takes a larger convention to cause this sort of backlog.
I tried Hyper-V, and of course, I had to install a virtual DragonFly system.  Sascha Wildner very helpfully pointed out that DragonFly on Hyper-V requires a legacy network adapter and a gen-1 image type; both changes you can make during initial setup.  I'm noting it here for the benefit of future people walking down the same path. Note: pick 'legacy BIOS' during the actual DragonFly install, too.
For anyone considering the purchase of a Ryzen system given the good benchmarks/power usage, here's some discussion on users@ about which model is which.
Unofficial history theme this week - but not UNIX-specific, for once. Your unrelated baking video of the week: Round Cake Production with Unifiller Depositors and Decorating Equipment.  I'm not recommending this as a food; it's just somewhat hypnotic to watch the robot production of something you usually imagine as lovingly handcrafted.
Built almost entirely with overflow from more than a week ago.
DragonFly's root account defaults to tcsh, and that now defaults to autorehash being set on.  Useful to remember if you reflexively type 'rehash' like I do, and also useful if you come from a shell where 'rehash' isn't needed.
I did finally clean out my "to post" email folder, at least. Your unrelated item of the week: Please enjoy this masterclass in comedy timing from a pizza.  (via)