CVE-2018-8897 fix in, more Spectre fixes for DragonFly

A recent and new CPU bug, CVE-2018-8897, is fixed in DragonFly.  THis applies to both Intel and AMD processors.  I’m happy to see that the CERT page lists equal notification timing for a whole lot of operating systems, rather than the few that heard about Spectre/Meltdown early.

Following that topic, Matthew Dillon has “fleshed out” Spectre mitigations, and his commit message details the current state.  The sysctl ‘machdep.spectre_mitigation’ will tell you what’s set at any given point.

Update: update.

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dfly drm irq

Here’s something that doesn’t have an immediate impact now, but will be useful down the road: Francois Tigeot has been working on DRM support in DragonFly, and has been quite successful with Intel video support.  His strategy has been to adopt Linux methods where possible, to reduce the amount of support work.  The payoff has been excellent, and prompt,  accelerated video support in DragonFly.  The most recent work is “git: drm: Implement parts of the Linux irq subsystem“, which is going to come in handy for someone, I’m sure.