Viewer for git

Can someone who uses git more heavily than I do look at Tig, a git viewer, and mention if it is useful?  It looks interesting, as one of the features that git ‘lacks’ is a visual client other than at the command line.

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  1. git magic might help you with the command-line. I tried tig for a but once, it was good but not very versatile then imho, ie some things required falling back to the command-line. Why dont you try viewgit?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve found ‘tig’ to be useful.

    The minimal “graphical” user interface works well and reminds me of classics like ‘mutt’. All actual “GUIs” were way too clumsy for my liking.

  3. Assuming you have ruby, and therefore webrick installed:
    git instaweb –httpd webrick

    Good for things like viewing commit history.

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