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Anyone want to add some extattr functions?

It would help with Burp, which is being ported to a number of BSDs.

Whole lotta reading

Rimvydas Jasinskas has consolidated/restored/updated a large number of papers into share/doc on DragonFly.  I’m not going to link to his large number of commits, but instead point you at the directory where they all went.  There’s a number of design documents in there that date back to 4.4BSD and beyond (and some much newer), which may interest or educate you.  Of special note: The Guide to the Dungeons of Doom, for rogue, or the KAME IPv6 implementation notes.

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Debugging tips

If you’re building from dports, and you want to include debugging information, you’ll want to put ‘WITH_DEBUG=yes’ in /etc/make.conf.  Note that this affects anything you build at that point, including world, which you’d want to rebuild anyway.

BSDNow 127: DNS, Black Holes & Willem

Once again, I’m a bit late posting about BSDNow; blame my classes.  BSDNow episode 127 is up, with Willem Toorop as the interview subject, talking about getdns, with a link to his vBSDCon presentation.

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NYCBUG yesterday: shell-fu

The slides from yesterday’s shell-fu presentation at NYCBUG have been posted.

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NYCBUG tomorrow: shell-fu

NYCBUG is having a presentation tomorrow, February 3rd, 18:45, Stone Creek Bar & Lounge at 140 E 27th St. in New York City.  The presenter will be Isaac Levy and the title is “shell-fu”.  .ike is an energetic speaker and it’s worth your time if you are near enough.

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More on privatization

For those of you running DragonFly-current, the already-mentioned library privatization going on means that ports have to be rebuilt.  You will want to do it yourself, or wait a little bit before upgrading if you want to install binaries.

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Checking HAMMER volumes for health

If you are looking to validate the data on your HAMMER volume, there’s several ways to do so, with one common-sense caveat.

BSDNow 125: DevSummits, Core and the Baldwin

This week’s BSDNow has an interview of John Baldwin, with a focus on running a DevSummit.

(linking to the Jupiter Broadcasting page cause the site isn’t updated as of this typing.)

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McCabe complexity and DragonFly

I’ve never heard of ‘McCabe Complexity‘ before now.  It’s a description of how complicated software can be, measured by the number of possible paths through it.  Pierre Abbat used that measure on Hammer code and not surprisingly, got a high number.

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New ports utility: Synth

John Marino has opened up his new utility for testing: Synth.  It’s made for building custom package repositories, similar to poudriere, but much less setup work.  If you’ve ever said “I like binary installs, but I want my own build options”, this is for you.  The README includes screenshots to show all the things it can do.

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NYCBUG: installfest on January 6th

A reminder: NYCBUG is having an installfest tomorrow night, at 6:45 PM, at Stone Creek.  Even if you’ve already installed a BSD on every bit of hardware you have, it’s still a good time.

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BSDNow 121: All your hyves are belong to us

Christmas doesn’t stop BSDNow from happening, and this week – along with the normal news summary – has an interview with Trent Thompson about virtualization on FreeBSD.  Specifically, iohyve, the new management system.

(Linking directly to the broadcast site instead of the page with the full summary on the BSDNow site, because that summary page isn’t up as of me posting this.)

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xz images for DragonFly

For those of you that are very bandwidth-constrained, or just impatient, there are xz-compressed images of DragonFly 4.4 available.  (see ‘download live image’ area)  The mirrors should have them too.

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BSDTalk 260: and an anniversary

The latest episode interviews Robert N. M. Watson and George V. Neville-Neil for 36 minutes, about  Also, BSDTalk has been running for 10 years!   It’s been long enough I couldn’t remember if it started before the Digest.

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New DragonFly installer disk arrangement

The DragonFly installer has been modified to produce disk arrangements that will generally match between UFS and Hammer installs, plus directories where you usually don’t want Hammer history or backups (like /tmp or /usr/obj) are now under /build and null-mounted to where you’d expect, since null-mounting works transparently well on DragonFly.  Matthew Dillon has a note explaining the whole thing.

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DragonFly and Digital Ocean

For those of you looking to rent a place to run DragonFly, Nuno Antunes has very helpfully written out his procedure for installing DragonFly on a Digital Ocean ‘droplet’.

Who wants a DragonFly shirt?

As mentioned previously, Sepherosa Ziehau is printing up some DragonFly T-shirts for WeChat users.  He’s going to have a few left over, so he is sending them to me to hand to non-China people.  If you want one, leave a note saying so in the comments.  Here’s the front and back.

You need to provide some way for me to contact you – preferably email, and the size you’d want.  (Use the Land’s End Men’s Shirts chart for sizing, because why not.)  I’ll only have a few, so no guarantees.

Update: I have more responses than probable shirts at this point – sorry!  I’ll get in contact with each of you once the shirts come in and arrange delivery.

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NYC Tech Meta-party tonight

It’s tonight at 7 PM, with the details found on the NYCBUG mailing list.  RSVP as soon as you can if you are near enough to go – and you should go.

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WeChat users, DragonFly shirts

If you are a WeChat user and want a DragonFly BSD shirt, send your Chinese address and mobile number to, or scan this image to join the WeChat DragonFly BSD group.wechat_scancode

This is exclusive to China right now, as it’s being done by DragonFly developer Sepherosa Ziehau – who, as you might guess by now, is based in China.

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BSDNow 119: There be Dragons, BSD Dragons anyway

BSDNow 119 is up, with even lengthier news summaries than usual, and an interview of Paul Goyette about his testing work with NetBSD.

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Bulk build buffing

John Marino has created two custom make variables – .MAKE.DF.OSREL and .MAKE.DF.VERSION.  (They return the current DragonFly versioning, if you can’t tell from the name.)  Apparently, if you build all 22,000 or so ports together, about 15% of the total time is just awk looking up the system version, and this removes that repeated task.

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Hammer2 mountall and info directives

Matthew Dillon has added two Hammer2 directives – ‘info’ and ‘mountall’.  See his commit message for a explanation of each.  This predates the 4.4 branch, so it’s available in the current release.  The usual caveat applies: Hammer2 is for development only; don’t use this to store data you want to use.

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DragonFly 4.4 released

DragonFly 4.4 is released!  The release page has the information, and your nearest mirror should have the images by now.   To update an existing 4.2 system, see my users@ post.

Sharp-eyed users will note that release is happening with version 4.4.1, rather than the 4.4.0 you’d expect.  That’s because I tagged 4.4.0, built the images, and then OpenSSL 1.0.1q was released.  Rather than make everyone who installs DragonFly need to immediately update, Sascha Wildner brought in the OpenSSL update to the 4.4 branch, and I built 4.4.1 instead.

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BSDNow 118: BSD is go for Launch

BSDNow 118 is up, and it has an interview with Mark Heily about relaunchd, along with a number of other BSD news things that I haven’t even read yet because I didn’t expect the episode before today.

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DragonFly, NFS, and netbooting

DragonFly has historically performed very well with NFS.  I don’t have hard numbers to point at (an interesting exercise if someone wanted it), but in any case: DragonFly now can tune up to a much larger iosize, which means better NFS performance.  DragonFly <-> DragonFly NFS performance can now max out a GigE link, or with anything else that can handle the larger iosize.  That plus additional readahead, also in that commit, means easier netboots.

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Binary dports for DragonFly 4.5 users

Since DragonFly 4.4 has been branched, bleeding-edge DragonFly is now at version 4.5.  As John Marino detailed in his post, that means pkg on 4.5 systems will look in a new place for downloads.  (“dragonfly:4.6:x86:64”, since it always uses even numbers)   To cover for this, set ABI to point at DragonFly 4.4 packages in pkg.conf for now.  They’re freshly built and functionally the same, anyway.  Once there’s a 4.6 download path, that ABI setting can be removed.  Packages for DragonFly-current are available now and probably at the mirrors by the time this posts.

Update: as John Marino pointed out to me, anyone on DragonFly-master who upgrades now will be at version 4.5.  This means pkg will get the new (4.5) packages on the next pkg upgrade.  That means a mix of old and new packages unless you either reinstall anything (pkg update -f) or hardcode the 4.4 download path until you are ready to switch everything.

So: DragonFly-current users should either hardcode the 4.4 path for now or force an pkg upgrade for everything.  DragonFly 4.2-release users are unaffected.


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BSDNow 117: The Cantrill Strikes Back

Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. isn’t slowing down BSDNow, cause there’s a new episode up with Bryan Cantrill talking about the awfulness that is Linux interfaces, along with a bunch of summary news items written out on the page.

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DragonFly 4.4-RC image for download

The release candidate for DragonFly 4.4 is built and available for download.  The main site has it as an ISO or IMG file, and the mirrors should have it soon if not already.

Here’s a question I need feedback on: if we compressed these images using xz instead of bzip2 – would that inconvenience you?

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DragonFly 4.4 release candidate branched

The next release of DragonFly is coming due, since it’s been 6 months.  I just tagged 4.4RC, and I’ll have an image built soon.  Current estimate is that we’ll have the 4.4-RELEASE at the end of the month.

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Full kernel and world build needed

If you are on bleeding-edge DragonFly (4.3), you will need to rebuild both kernel and world to keep them in sync, after Sepherosa Ziehau’s commit.  This won’t affect you at all if you are on 4.2.x.

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Choosing DragonFly

I don’t think I linked to this anywhere else: Why did I choose the DragonFlyBSD Operating System?  By Siju George, at BSD Magazine.

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BSDNow 115: Controlling the Transmissions

It’s Thursday and there’s a new BSDNow: Controlling the Transmissions.  The interview this week is with Hiren Panchasara, about “improving TCP”, though I haven’t yet listened to it for details.  There’s also the normal news roundup.

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Running with clang

If you are using clang with DragonFly, and you want to always run the newest version, you can set options in compilers.conf, and use ‘clangnext‘.

Getting rid of CPUHOT messages

If for some reason you are seeing messages about your CPU overheating – and you know it is not, there’s a solution.  Disable coretemp messages.

Note that if your CPU is actually overheating, turning these messages off won’t help.  Don’t want anyone to be surprised when their computer melts…

DragonFly and African digital libraries

The Tanzanian Digital Library Initiative is using DragonFly (and FreeBSD) as part of their library setup, and Michael Wilson, the project coordinator sent a note to users@ describing this.  They are looking to spread through the continent, so get in contact if you want to be part of the project.

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BSDNow 110: Firmware Fights

BSDNow 110 is now available.  It’s back to the text summary format, so I can tell you easily that it includes an interview with Benno Rice, about Isilon and their interactions with FreeBSD.

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True and False code reading, NYCBUG edition

NYCBUG is having “true(1) and false(1), The Classical Code Reading Group of Stockholm, NYC*BUG Mix Tape Edition” happen this Wednesday the 7th.  You may remember a similar event at the end of August.  This will be led by George Brocklehurst from the original event, with NYCBUG members present.  If you missed the previous one, try this out – by all accounts, these code readings are inordinately fun.

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DragonFly wallpapers for KDE

The package x11-themes/dragonfly-wallpapers exists, thanks to John Marino, and gives you DragonFly-themed backgrounds in KDE.  Or probably any other window manager, if you install it and point your wm at the directory.

Update: John Marino helpfully posted a link to the images.  It’s not yet built as a binary, but it’s not exactly time-consuming to build from source.

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It’s time to go IPv6

It has finally happened: There’s no more IPv4 addresses left to allocate, at least for ARIN – and that’s going to affect most people reading this.  Ask your ISP for IPv6 access.  The next step is being forced to implement either wonky 6to4 mappings, or just plain IPv6 networks.

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DragonFly 4.0 users should upgrade

If you happen to still be running DragonFly 4.0 – that’s two releases ago and not supported – you may be noticing less ports are building.  There’s been enough significant changes in DragonFly since that release that it’s reducing the number of buildable ports.

DragonFly 4.0 to 4.2 is not a difficult jump, so jump when you can.  The converse of this, of course, is that there’s even more building on 4.2 and DragonFly-current.

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Endless Sky on DragonFly

I mentioned Endless Sky in the last Lazy Reading post as a game that might run on DragonFly.  ‘Romick’ took that as a challenge and got it working; he’s posted the steps he took so that anyone else can do so.

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libc versioning added

John Marino’s committed libc versioning.  He has a post describing it, along with a note that anyone DragonFly-current should do a full buildworld/kernel and also update all installed packages.  (Update: those new packages are on the way.)

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BSDNow 106: Multipath TCP

BSDNow 106 is up.   The interview is with Nigel Williams about, you guessed it, multipath TCP.  There’s the normal roundup and not a pun to be seen anywhere.  I feel so confused!

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If you missed last night’s DNSSEC presentation at CDBUG, here’s the slides.

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A reason for ECC

Why buy ECC RAM?  This is a discussion I’ve seen many times.  I’ve always heard that without the error checking, you can’t tell if a random bit was flipped by a cosmic particle.  That seems like a very remote threat.  Over the last week, I went to Science North in Sudbury, Canada, and saw the Diffusion Cloud Chamber.  I took a photo myself.  Both of those picture represent an instant in time, and each of those squiggles in the chamber in that instant represents some particle zipping through space that miiiiiight scramble your RAM.  That’s… a lot more common than I thought.

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DragonFly 4.2.4 released

There’s been a bugfix-release to the release version of DragonFly, bringing it to 4.2.4.  This is to fix a rare crash on issuing ‘shutdown -h now’.  If you haven’t had this problem, there’s no rush to upgrade.

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Speeding up your DragonFly boot

If you are sure you don’t need to look at your boot menu for very long in DragonFly, you can make it zip by quickly.

Live nmbcluster adjustments

A DragonFly machine with a lot of network traffic will have a significant amount of memory consumed by all the running network connections.  (as with any system)  It’s now possible to adjust the amount of memory set aside for those operations, live.  This sort of fine-tuning will only matter if you run an extremely busy machine, but it’s worth it if you do.

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Use wpa_supplicant only long enough to replace it

DragonFly ships with wpa_supplicant, for setting up WiFi.  However, there’s no guarantee it’s the latest version.  A solution exists: security/wpa_supplicant in dports.  However, this has a chicken-and-egg problem, where you need wpa_supplicant to get online and download the dports version of wpa_supplicant.  So, DragonFly still includes wpa_supplicant in the base system, but you should upgrade to the dports version when possible.

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Stickers arrived

Hey, my stickers arrived!  You can order your own.


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DragonFly performance testing

I don’t have actual numbers, but I do have a note: DragonFly network performance is pretty darn good.

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DragonFly 4.2.3 released

There was a newer release of OpenSSL (1.0.1p) last week, so there’s a new revision of the DragonFly release – 4.2.3.  There’s little major change other than the security fix for OpenSSL.

Those readers who can count past 2 may notice that there wasn’t a 4.2.2.  We went straight from 4.2.1 to 4.2.3.   That’s my fault.  I screwed up tagging and Git doesn’t like repeated, deleted tags.

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DragonFly and LFE

I don’t know enough about Erlang and LFE to say much other than “Hey, look at this article about installing LFE on DragonFly!”  (via)

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Stickers stickers stickers

Something I’ve wanted for a long time: DragonFly stickers.  Or ‘decals’, if you want to sound fancier.  Markus Pfeiffer has them set up on Stickermule.

I just created an account there, and apparently I can supply a referral link which gets you and me both a $10 credit, if you use that.  It’ll make you sign up, then you’ll probably have to go back in with the direct link for the DragonFly sticker.

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BSDNow 096: Lost Technology

BSDNow 096 has the usual new links, even more BSDCan 2015 video links, and an interview with Jun Ebihara about some of NetBSD’s lesser-known architectures.

(I like trying to guess the interview subject from each week’s obscure title; I was going to guess RetroBSD…  which would make a good topic to explore.)

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DragonFly 4.2.1 out

There’s a minor update for DragonFly 4.2 – this covers a problem with i915 support, so it’s worth upgrading if you have an Intel video chipset.

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DragonFly 4.2.0 released

DragonFly 4.2 is officially released!  You can go to the 4.2 release page for details, go to the mirrors page to download, or read my users@ post for upgrade steps.

Update: news stories and commentary seen on, Hacker News, and

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If you wanted to try IPFW3 and NAT, nans_nans1 has done the experimentation for you, and wrote down the steps.

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DragonFly 4.0.6 image up

I’ve uploaded DragonFly 4.0.6 ISO and .img files.  (Does that capitalization make sense?)  They should be available at your nearest mirror, or will be shortly. I am still working on the 4.2 release candidate images.

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BSDNow 093: Stacked in Our Favor

This week’s BSDNow has a talk with DragonFly’s very own Sepherosa Ziehau, about the huge amount of work he’s done on the network stack.

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Video memory defaults changed

The direct memory access reservation on DragonFly has been set to 128M.  It used to be 16, but anyone using a system for more than a text console would want the greater memory reservation.  It can be set back to 16M, which is useful probably if you are one of those text console users, or if you have a strangely underpowered video card.

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Accelerated video users, please try this

If you are using a DragonFly system with accelerated video, and you have noticed that you can’t return to a text console after exiting xorg – Sascha Wildner/Imre Vadasz have a branch for you to try.  Please do so if you have time and are on master; this is the last big item to fix before the next release.

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NYCBUG tonight: John Baldwin and NUMA

That’s Non Uniform Memory Architecture, and John Baldwin is talking about how it works on FreeBSD, tonight/now, in New York City for NYCBUG.  There’s several more events this month with NYCBUG, so look at the announcement for tonight’s location and more dates.

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Recent dragonfly-master users: update

If you were running a version of DragonFly 4.1 (i.e. the master version, not release) built between the 20th and 25th, rebuild.  There’s a UFS bug introduced in that short timeframe.

If you are running 4.0.x release or built your version of DragonFly-master outside of that date range – you are unaffected.

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A leaf falls, briefly, where the DragonFly website is hosted, is temporarily down while a disk is replaced.  Images and binary packages are still available.

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DragonFly server and desktop

Jesse Wattenbarger wrote in with his success story of switching to DragonFly, both for server and desktop.  Of note is his noticeable speedup with swapcache.

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More Intel video testing

If you’re running DragonFly-master and you have an Intel video chipset, Francois Tigeot has an update for you.  It brings accelerated Intel video up to match the Linux 3.14 version, adds Broadwell chipset support, and should generally improve performance.  He lists how to test right in the message.

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GCC 5 released, switched

DragonFly now has GCC 5.1 release.  If you are running DragonFly master (i.e. 4.1), you’ll probably want to both rebuild world and kernel, and update your packages so they all match.  There’s already packages built with GCC 5.1, so binary package upgrades can happen quickly.  There’s GCC 4.7 packages still available if you aren’t making the jump yet.

If you’re on DragonFly 4.0.x – nothing’s changed.

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Extra reading on page coloring

Here’s some comments from Matthew Dillon on page coloring in DragonFly; a topic that comes up every year for some reason.

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GCC 5.1 release candidate added

The release candidate for GCC5 (5.1.0) is out, and it’s in DragonFly too.  It’s not yet switched over to run as the default – that’ll require the release.

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Changing to gcc 5.0

The default compiler in DragonFly is going to change over from GCC 4.7 to GCC 5.x very soon, to match the GCC 5.1 release.  This means that packages built for DragonFly-master won’t be compatible with the old ones.  You will need to reinstall packages when you next ‘pkg install’.  John Marino has an extensive writeup detailing what’s needed, and the actual change is some days off.

If you are using DragonFly 4.0.x (the release), this doesn’t affect you at all.

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Periodic reports on DragonFly

I have had trouble with my daily/weekly periodic reports never making it to my GMail account.  Sascha Wildner pointed out to me that periodic.conf has its own answer already:


… and newsyslog is already set to take care of them.  There’s more in the periodic.conf man page.


DragonFly on Vultr

There’s been some linking to the updated HAMMER2 design document.  The Reddit link doesn’t have anything specific, but the Hacker News one has some details (including a credit code!) for installing DragonFly on a Vultr VPS.

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Mars time, too

Noticed in the most recent time zone data update for DragonFly: some people keep Mars time.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/04/05

Happy Easter!  It means chocolate for me.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Jason Shiga’s comics.  It’s an article about the comics, not the comics themselves, so go to his site next.  (via)

Also unrelated: tea is one of the topics I link here, and alert reader Jeff Ramnani pointed out Strand Tea as a good source.  I also saw Deep Mills referenced in the UK.  Anyone else have a favorite online vendor?

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BSDNow 083: woN DSB

This week’s BSDNow has the usual roundup of news, including some… suspicious items, plus an interview of Kamila Soucková about conferences and Google Summer of Code.  They note this Hammer2 proposal.

New wireless documentation

John Marino’s written an extensive page about wireless and DragonFly, on

Keymap details

If you’re looking to change your DragonFly system’s keymapping to support a non-US character set, use this users@ post from Adolf Augustin as a cheat sheet to make all the right changes.

Clustering and copies in HAMMER2

Matthew Dillon answered some mailing list questions on how clustering and data copies will work in HAMMER2 – no due date, of course, because this is very complex.  If you’re really into it, there’s always watching the recent commits.

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