Month: May 2012

New tool: netblast

Sepherosa Ziehau has added netblast, a tool originally from FreeBSD that, if I’m reading the commit right, flings packets of a given size at an IP/port of your choosing, for as long as you want.

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crypt(3) and DES fix

It’s possible to accidentally truncate your password when using DES encryption and 0x80 in UTF-8 encoding.  It’s fixed.

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BSDTalk 216: Kris Moore and PC-BSD

BSDCan 2012 spawned a lot of interviews.  We all benefit from that.  For example, another BSDTalk interview, talking with Kris Moore of iXSystems about what’s in the next version of PC-BSD.

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Phoronix benchmarks revisited

There were some benchmarks of DragonFly 3.0 some time ago on Phoronix.  (You may recall it being mentioned here previously.)  The disk numbers always seemed weird to me, so I repeated that part of the test, and here’s my writeup.

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SIOCGIFDATA renumbered, pflogd needs recompilation

Sepherosa Ziehau has made some changes to SIOCGIFDATA, so if you are using DragonFly-master and pf, you will need a full rebuild.  Also pftop, if you use it.

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More Summer of Code status

Three more weekly status updates from DragonFly/GSoC students: Mihai CarabasVishesh Yadav, and Ivan Sichmann Freitas.  That’s all for the past/first week.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/05/27

Let’s get right down to it:

  • Hey, Nmap 6 is out.  It’s one of those always-useful tools, similar to wireshark.
  • Biculturalism, a fair assessment.  (via)  The generalizations are a little extreme (1 Unix-based author who Got Religion, vs. a diffused Windows developer stereotype) but still has value.
  • A Git Horror Story.  (via)  Not a true story, but useful for describing how git commits can be GPG-signed.
  • A recent Google Doodle, a playable Moog synthesizer, done for Bob Moog’s birthday.  The Moog Music site has instructions.  I happened to notice they’re using FreeBSD as the server – cool!  Maybe it’s just the hosting org?  Anyway, I link to it because Bob Moog’s cousin was for a while my father’s employer.
  • Google is transitive, whereas Facebook is reflexive.”  (via)  This sums up the practical difference between Google and Facebook rather well.
  • I did not know this existed: OpenBSD Network Shell.  (via)  Interface like a Cisco-ish router, internals are OpenBSD.
  • There’s been recent news articles about how programmers over 35 tend to not get hired.  Here’s one of the reasons: younger programmers discount the value of their own time.  Anything where all the benefits (cheaper labor, more products) accrue to the company, and all the costs go to the employee (time lost, extra work) is not a good idea in the long run.
  • Now I’ve met the other DragonFly BSD user, too.”  That’s two more than I expected for any given project, really.
  • has an extensive interview/article about OpenSMTPd.  It’s OpenBSD’s implementation of a SMTP daemon, which is something I haven’t heard much about before.  Compare with DragonFly’s much-smaller-in-scope dma.
  • Van Jacobsen Saved the Internet.  Or just fixed a timing bug.  Depends on whether you listen to Wired or to him.  The interesting part is that he had to build the tools to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Here’s something I don’t think anyone’s noticed yet: Microsoft is responsible for half of Google’s DMCA notices last month.  My employer recently was audited by Microsoft (technically by Accenture contractors for Microsoft) for license compliance.  My Dell sales representative, when I asked him for a list of what Microsoft-licensed OEM devices we had bought, said many of his customers were asking for the same thing.  He joked that Microsoft was trying to improve its profitability numbers for the quarter.  Given that they are trying to push to Windows 8, that might just be true, and they are trying to enforce their way to it, not sell their way to it.

Your unrelated link of the week: MAD GOD, the film.

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Summer of Code project updates

Loganaden Velvindron posted a terse update on the state of his Summer of Code work for DragonFly.  I’m still waiting on the other students.

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BSDCan 2012 videos

The presentations from BSDCan 2012 are up in video form.  I was going to link to this in a Lazy Reading post, but there’s a lot of video there.  (via)  Of interest: Intro to DNSSEC and FreeBSD’s new package manager.  Check the list, cause there’s a lot more.

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BSDTalk 215: NetBSD update

BSDTalk 215 is out, with several NetBSD folks being interviewed at BSDCan 2012 about NetBSD 6.

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Have i386 DragonFly? Want to try wine?

If you have a i386 DragonFly machine, emulators/wine-devel should now work.

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Is anyone playing these games?

John Marino proposed cutting several game demos from pkgsrc.  I don’t think they are playable at this point, even if you have the missing source files.

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acpica-unix 20110527 added

Thanks to Magliano Andrea Andrea Magliano, a new version of ACPI  has been added to DragonFly, acpica-unix 20110527.

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libpthreadbroken, fixed

If you are running bleeding-edge DragonFly, libpthread was broken for a short period.  If you built anything in the last … 12 hours?  You may want to rebuild it.  If that doesn’t describe you, it’s a nonevent.

It’s funny that I’m reporting a short-term break in bleeding-edge operating system code as any sort of surprise.  It shows something about how stable DragonFly-master is most of the time.

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igb(4) added

Sepherosa Ziehau has added igb(4) version 2.2.3 direct from Intel, for support of  their 82575 and 82576 Ethernet controller chips.  It now shares a hardware abstraction layer with the em(4) driver, too.

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Even better pkgsrc status

John Marino posted a report of pkgsrc-currentbuilding on DragonFly i386.  The success rate for package building is so good that the “top” package break was security/libpreludedb, with only 9 dependencies.  Everything else was less than that.  I have never seen a pkgsrc build report before with only single-digit figures for dependent breakage; this is fantastic.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/05/20

There’s been so much activity this week in DragonFly that I’m having a hard time keeping up.  There’s always time for Lazy Reading, though.

Your unrelated link of the week: Captain Forever.  A game. Mentioned most recently on Verge, but read Rock, Paper, Shotgun for context.

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More on HAMMER2 progress

As noted in a recent commit, it’s possible to set up a HAMMER2 /usr/obj and survive a buildworld.  That’s good progress.

Note that this is basic work, so features like multi-master and deduplication are not present yet, and it’s still work in progress, so don’t try HAMMER2 unless you like losing data.  Watch the branch for changes, though.

(I’m going with “HAMMER2” for the name.)

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PHP 5.4 status in pkgsrc

Takahiro Kambe is bringing PHP 5.4 into pkgsrc, probably as lang/php54.  Follow the whole thread for a discussion of version numbering.  As a side effect of this, PHP 5.2 will leave pkgsrc by the next quarterly pkgsrc release.  If you’re using that older flavor, you’ll want to upgrade.

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Recent networking updates

Sepherosa Ziehau has been making various updates that conform to standards lately, including “RFC4653 Non-Congestion Robustness (NCR)” and “RFC3517bis“.  I’m not familiar with what they do, but you can follow the links and read the RFCs if you are curious.

(Not sure if I got that 3517 one correct…)

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TUI mode added to kgdb

TUI mode is available now for kgdb on DragonFly, thanks to John Marino.  It’s apparently a Text User Interface for debugging core files.  I haven’t used it, so I’m relying on the testimony of others.

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An Apache 2.4 bug, worked around

Apparently Apache 2.4 has a bug that will cause network stalls when sending data that doesn’t line up with segment size.  Sepherosa Ziehau has put in a workaround for the issue.  Alternately, you can use www/apache22.

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Hammer 2 progress

Matthew Dillon’s recently added getaddr/setaddr support, dumping, and session encryption, among other things, to Hammer 2.  Or is it HAMMER2?  I’m not sure.

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BSDTalk 214: Peter Hansteen and Henning Brauer

BSDTalk 214 has nearly an hour of conversation with Peter Hansteen and Henning Brauer, all from the recent BSDCan.

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Vendor branch updates: libedit, libncurses, libgmp, zlib, gdb

John Marino has updated libncurses, libedit, gdb, libgmp, and zlib.  The release notes are helpfully contained within each commit.  If that wasn’t enough, he’s also added terminfo, a future replacement for termcap, if I understand correctly.

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OpenSSL updated two different ways

Peter Avalos has updated OpenSSL in two different places:. The 3.0 release now has OpenSSL 1.0.0j, which fixes several security issues (see link for CVE IDs).  DragonFly 3.1 now has OpenSSL 1.0.1c.   As for a changelog… this, maybe?

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“Level/low” USB fix

If you are having USB issues on boot with DragonFly, Sepherosa Ziehau’s sysctl suggestions may help you.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/05/13

I’m starting to pack these full enough that I might have to go biweekly.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Wizzywig.  A self-contained comic about the early days of phone phreaking and hacking, written and drawn by Ed Piskor.   The first two chapters are available as a PDF.  Read and if you like it, order the whole thing.  Also: Steve and Steve.  If you know your history, you’ll get the cartoon.

Ed Piskor is currently cartooning the origin of hip-hop at BoingBoing; it’s a good read.

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BSDTalk 213: Paul Schenkeveld and EuroBSDCon

BSDTalk 213 is out, with 14 minutes of conversation with Paul Schenkeveld about EuroBSDCon.  EuroBSDCon is happening in late October, in Poland.  Also, the BSDTalk website has a new layout.

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Virtio drivers, an explanation

Venkatesh Srinivas posted an explanation of the virtio update he’s working on.  I linked to the work before, but not his explanation, which goes into the ‘vm_balloon’ device.

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Update, Asus G2K users

Sascha Wildner’s posted an update to the acpi_asus(4) module, so it’s worth updating if you have an appropriate Asus machine and are running DragonFly-current.

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Pkgsrc doing better on DragonFly

Thanks to the efforts of John Marino and others, pkgsrc is having possibly the highest success rate ever of successful package software builds.  If only I could get a pkgsrc-2012Q1 build to complete and upload…

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Something new under the sun

You’d think everything that could be done with grep has already been done, but no: grep, which is an externally-produced program, has been updated in DragonFly to version 2.12 by John Marino.

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Recent syncs from FreeBSD and back again

A few recent updates imported to DragonFly from FreeBSD: Francois Tigeot updated amdsbwd(4), an AMD south bridge watchdog.  Sascha Wildner updated arcmsr(4), the Areca RAID controller driver, and Peter Avalos updated pw(8).

In the other direction, FreeBSD now has GNU hash support for rtld, based on John Marino’s work in DragonFly.


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Lazy Reading for 2012/05/06

Drowning in links this week.  Is that so bad?  No.

Your unrelated links of the week: Turntablism.  I was talking about assembled music last week, and this is a whole area to itself.  Watch Kid Koala turn a few seconds of trumpet playing into an entire blues progression.

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BSD Magazine for May is out

BSD Magazine for May is out, with the theme of BSD security, though of course there’s a lot more than that topic in the free PDF.

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Virtual IO drivers status

Venkatesh Srinivas has been working on integration of Tim Bisson’s virtio-bhyve drivers into DragonFly.  This would make throughput better in KVM/Qemu.  His bug ticket has some questions that could use answers.

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Ebooks sale, just today

There’s a Day Against DRM sale going on for O’Reilly.  50% off everything, and all the books are DRM-free.  I found out about this through Michael Lucas, whose No Starch books are represented there too.  It’s a fantastic deal and it’s today only, so strike now while you have the chance.

(I should make a ‘buy buy buy!’ tag for articles.)

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Debugging RANCID

Michael Lucas has a writeup on how he debugged his RANCID setup.  I link to it for the technical details, and also because if you have to manage more than a few switches or other network devices, RANCID is very useful.

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ichwd(4) added, watchdog watches

Francois Tigeot has added ichwd(4), a driver for the watchdog function on some Intel ICH motherboard chipsets.  Sascha Wildner has also made the kernel option for it on by default.  (Look for /dev/wdog.)

Update: Francois Tigeot sent a link to an excellent page explaining hardware watchdogs.

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Upgrading to pkgsrc-2012Q1

Here’s a post by yours truly, on how to move to pkgsrc-2012Q1 though building from source.  This is for anyone sick of waiting for me to finish the binary build of pkgsrc.

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Followup on clustering

Matthew Dillon posted a followup on that fix for clustering I noted yesterday.  It describes the exact problems better than I could, though the result is the same: you should update if you’re running bleeding-edge DragonFly.

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