Link drip or weekend summary?

I’ve been posting in this new pattern for a while now.  The content is mostly the same – DragonFly updates, BSD user meetings, oddball mostly history links – but I’m posting as I see them instead of doing a weekend summary.  Which do you prefer?  The summary or the drip?

10 Replies to “Link drip or weekend summary?”

  1. The link drip is kinda confusing to be honest, and I can only access the URL of a post (e.g. to leave comments) from the RSS feed.

  2. I much prefer the summary. as it’s easier to digest (pardon the pun).

  3. I prefer the drip. That increases the chances of me actually clicking the link. When I get 10 at once, I click less.

  4. I like the format of the Drip but ability to see Comments from the website.

    So kinda of a hybrid between the two.

  5. I agree with Lawrence. Drip is great but I miss both comments and dates. That can make it a lot easier to know what one has already seen when going to the website directly. For a lot of things time as a context is very helpful.

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