Now on BSDNews

If you have a login to BSDNews (and you should – it’s free), you can customize your BSDNews page layout to include the news feed from this very site, listed as “DragonFly BSD”! Thanks to Wes Peters and Chris Coleman for setting that up.

Slow going

We had some power outages/surges here because of a windstorm, and my UPS didn’t handle it well, along with other local network equipment. So, I’ll be slow with news posts until I get my internal network in better working order.

First Entry

I’ve always thought that one of the problems for the various BSD programs is that there’s a lot of good information that can only be found by digging through the various mailing lists. Nobody in their right mind wants to have to sort through the last 3 months of just for a 5-second answer. So, blog software used to provide a ‘newsfeed’ may be useful.

I’m not a clever enough programmer to contribute code to DragonFly BSD, but I do read the main newsgroups for it. The DragonFly BSD project is small enough that a rolling readout of events may work. So, I’ve got this blog here to do just that. You too can watch me fumble technical terms!

My first goal is to read up and post. This layout just doesn’t work without an article history, or at least more long-winded articles.