If you're near Chicago, go to the ChiBUG meeting tonight at 6.
No theme this week. Your unrelated music link of the week: Death In Vegas - Zugaga.  I heard it on the radio and thought it was a remix of something eighties - Vangelis?
It's Long Article Title week!  
No theme this week.
Accidentally OpenBSD-heavy this week.
This special episode of BSD Now has an interview with Warren Toomey.  I just happened to sign up for the TUHS mailing list and let me tell you, there's some history being reported there by the people that lived it.
"New commandline tools" is the mini-theme. Your unrelated video of the week: BollardsSheepFilms are fun.  Also: Potato House.
No theme this week for the BSD section.
The first link and the title for this week's BSD Now doesn't have anything to do with BSD as far as I know, but I think it's funny.