BSD Now this week is titled 'EuroBSDCon', but as far as I know they weren't there - haven't listened to the episode yet.  Any readers here go?
3 months until Christmas!
Check the first link; it's time-dependent.
This week's BSD Now is the normal roundup of stories.  I won't point you at anything specific; it's all good.
In-person.  Though it might be canceled; I am preposting this and it hasn't been settled as of right now.  Go, if you are near Chicago and it happens.
Oddities this week.  
I got subscribed to the UNIX Heritage Society mailing list and it's already turned up some good stories.
This week's BSD Now has two things I want to highlight - articles on Linux ABI and on dma.  You'll just have to click through.
No default theme this week.
Yay, another week that overflowed with links!
If you're moving your dsynth build to a different machine, there's now a 'list-system' directive that lets you recreate the same setup in a new place.
This week's BSD Now includes a link to, a way to install BSD using a rescue boot environment, which is going to come in handy for someone reading this.  I know I've linked to it before.
One of these is a pure nostalgia link for me.
This is an overflow week.