Somehow I still have 20 tabs open...  I need to clean out harder.
Longer reading this week.
It's a very quiet week here but there's still a BSD Now episode.   It's covering a bunch of topics, but the title makes me think: all the BSDs have VM hosting solutions now.
A BSD followup: today's SEMIBUG presentation from Peter Hansteen is at this Jitsi link, in about 5 hours from this post.
I have some barely-BSD links this week but I don't think you'll mind.
Mini-theme: C64, I guess?
The lead article in this week's BSD Now talks about how to not change your OS - though it's both Linux flavors, so it's not necessarily BSD-related except for schadenfreude.  There's a bunch of other articles linked, so don't be distracted by my splitting of hairs.
ChiBUG is meeting tonight at 6:30 CDT via Zoom.   "Protecting OpenBSD from DMA Attacks" is the presentation; RSVP to the address in that linked message for the meeting link.
Aaron LI posted a summary of how he went from zero to done, so to speak, porting NVMM to DragonFly.   There's some interesting future projects there, too.
Physical parts and their history is the mini-theme. Your unrelated music of the week: Jalang.
Today's mini-theme: follow threads!
This week's BSD Now talks about online conferences - something I hope we can resume soon.  There's other links of course but that's the one I want.
It used to be that if you had a HAMMER2 volume and ran low on space, snapshotting would stop so that you didn't completely fill the disk.  Now, thanks to Francis GUDIN, snapshots continue to roll forward and discard older ones to keep disk usage constant.   It won't fix the low disk space issue, but snapshots will stay up to date.  It's in 6.0 too.
I think from this commit that qemu in dports is able to build NVMM-compatible.  It won't be in the current binaries for download because those are built from quarterlies, but work from source. I am not sure those sentences I just typed would be comprehensible to a non-BSD user.