There are some fun diversions this week.
Yes, I am clearing out all my open tabs from Solène this week.
Matthew Dillon's fixed a possible deadlock in HAMMER2, plus some optimizations that I can't quantify, but are fun to read about.
ChiBUG's in-person meeting is tonight.  Go, if you are near.  (and vaccinated, which you should be.)  There will be stickers and of course pizza.
I am sorely tempted to buy one of those there Flippers. Your unrelated music link of the week: Chronicling Yautja’s Decade-Long Quest to Merge Sludge and Grindcore.
Follow the helloSystem links this week.
This week's BSD Now gets into jails heavily (do not pass Go) this week, plus a few other topics.
It's worth saying because people don't realize it: In-code documentation updates, even if the code itself isn't changed, is a worthwhile way to contribute.
If you have an AR9485 wireless adapter, this bug report notes the appropriate config for DragonFly.  Might work for other hardware too?
Lots of analog this week.
Multiple links from one source is the mini-theme this week.
This query had karu.pruun write a short note on how to contribute (device driver) development work to DragonFly.  Don't forget grok.
Sounds like a space drama: this week's BSD Now covers some different flavors of virtualization plus notes a Michael W. Lucas interview.