This weeks' BSDNow has an interview with Edicarla Andrade & Vinícius Zavam about FreeBSD-powered robots.  Yep, robots.  There's other news there too, but it's not as interesting unless it is about lasers.
If you have a NVMe chipset under DragonFly, you now can use a special utility to retrieve status information: nvmectl.  Right now, only 'info' is implemented.
Did this early too, but ended up with lots of links.  
A good amount of user group material this week.  
BSDNow 147 is available, with an interview of Glen Barber and Peter Wemm.  They're talking about release engineering, as you may have guessed from the title.
I got me a retro Teasmade, so as you read this, I'm probably waking up to a fresh cup.  It's not very practical, but it is fun. Your unrelated video of the week: 2016 AICP Sponsor Reel.  (via)
If you didn't already look at it, BSDNow's summary of BSDCan events is worth going to; it's complete enough I deliberately left BSDCan links out of here.  Undeadly has an OpenBSD-specific summary too.
garbage[30] has BSDCan trip reports, OpenBSD news, and complaints about CVS, among other things.  CVS is an easy target but I want to hear it.
There are USB devices out there that are sort of like a mouse, as in they work as a pointing device, but they don't show up as a mouse device.  For example, the PowerMate USB Multimedia Controller.  It's possible to pipe the events from this or similar 'weird' devices to sysmouse, and use it the way you'd expect, with this fix from user tautology.
BSDNow episode 146 is available, with an interview of Hans Petter Selasky about USB and FreeBSD.  There's also a nice collection of links to BSDCan material, including video from the event.