Google Summer of Code 2010: everybody wins!

All three of the Google Summer of Code Projects for DragonFly are complete and passed!  The code for each will show up at the Google-hosted project page in the next week or so.  The original proposals for Alex Hornung’s device mapper/LVM, Samuel Greear’s kevent/select/pool work, and David Shao’s GEM/KMS porting are still there on the Google project page for DragonFly.

HEADS UP: structure changes, pkgsrc changes

Two things:

  1. If you are running DragonFly 2.7, Matthew Dillon has made some kernel changes, so updating your 2.7 machine will require a full buildworld cycle, not quickworld.
  2. The binary packages for 2.6 and 2.7 have been updated to pkgsrc-2010Q2.  This means that pkg_radd will automatically pull down newer packages, and you should make sure your /usr/pkgsrc is using the pkgsrc-2010Q2 release if you want to be sure there’s no version mismatches.

I recently sent out a description of what built for pkgsrc-2010Q2 , though the section on not changing the stable link is no longer true.

Messylaneous: books, conventions, videos, conventions

Link dumps just so I can get caught up.

Proper credits

Samuel J. Greear has been posting news while I was off somewhere in Lake Huron.  I didn’t fix it to show proper credits, for which I apologize.  He’s done a wonderful job, however, and his name is now shown correctly on his posts.

I now get to actually read the past week’s Digest for recent news, for the first time ever.