Full buildworlds again, as there's more commits that make it necessary.  If you're running 2.7, you should probably just plan on using buildworld, and not quickworld for rebuilding.
System data structures have changed again, so make sure your next rebuild is a full buildworld/buildkernel if you're running 2.7.  There's been a lot of changes to pull more and more out from under the Giant Lock.
happened to notice that recent libkinfo changes broke sysutils/estd.  It's fixed by rebuilding the program, though this may affect a few other packages.  This only affects people running bleeding-edge DragonFly 2.7.
All three of the Google Summer of Code Projects for DragonFly are complete and passed!  The code for each will show up at the Google-hosted project page in the next week or so.  The original proposals for Alex Hornung's device mapper/LVM, Samuel Greear's kevent/select/pool work, and David Shao's GEM/KMS porting are still there on the Google project page for DragonFly.
Sascha Wildner has brought in arcmsr(4), an Areca RAID controller driver.  Please try it if you have the right hardware.
Thanks to the efforts of Venkatesh Srinivas, tmpfs file systems on DragonFly can now withstand fsstress testing.  Thanks, Venkatesh! (One of the benefits of posting about people's work is that the names are fun to type.)
Two things:
  1. If you are running DragonFly 2.7, Matthew Dillon has made some kernel changes, so updating your 2.7 machine will require a full buildworld cycle, not quickworld.
  2. The binary packages for 2.6 and 2.7 have been updated to pkgsrc-2010Q2.  This means that pkg_radd will automatically pull down newer packages, and you should make sure your /usr/pkgsrc is using the pkgsrc-2010Q2 release if you want to be sure there's no version mismatches.
I recently sent out a description of what built for pkgsrc-2010Q2 , though the section on not changing the stable link is no longer true.
Link dumps just so I can get caught up.
Samuel J. Greear has been posting news while I was off somewhere in Lake Huron.  I didn't fix it to show proper credits, for which I apologize.  He's done a wonderful job, however, and his name is now shown correctly on his posts. I now get to actually read the past week's Digest for recent news, for the first time ever.