I'm suddenly having trouble with the machine that hosts this site (random crashes, hardware disappearing), so there may be some surprise downtime over the next few days until a replacement motherboard arrives...
Alexander Polakov is putting together an update for the complex beast that is ACPI, but he has two questions that need an answer, about locking and APICs.  Please help if you know something about it, as an up-to-date ACPI helps everyone.
I'll indulge myself in a bit of roguelike enjoyment: the @Play column is targeting roguelike equipment types, starting with Potions and Scrolls.  Loot!
Matthew Dillon went to the Google Summer of Code Mentor's Conference at Google's offices in California, and took some pictures.  It's all available on Flickr.  He was the only DragonFly attendee, but check to see what developers on other open-source projects look like in person.  There's even the not-related-to-me Joel Sherrill (on the left).
If you're going to the CCC, there's several DragonFly people going, and they are working to rent an apartment for the several days of the event.  Follow up with Matthias if you're going too.
Sorry for the downtime today - shiningsilence.com is now running DragonFly 2.4 and Hammer, so I'll be able to complain testify first-hand. If you aren't familiar with the phrase "eating your own dogfood", here's what it is.
With some recent reports of people running DragonFly on Eee 900 and Acer Aspire netbook models, here's a link to a recent O'Reilly column that links to a whole bunch of different netbook vendors.  If you have some spare cash and an urge for a netbook, try DragonFly on one and report back...
'mike' made this interesting csh script that allows autocompletion of Hammer sub-commands.  e.g. type 'hammer' and then cycle through the available hammer commands as you would through file names.
If you're running an AMD64 DragonFly system, there's new pkgsrc binaries for you on avalon.dragonflybsd.org.  (See report)  The pkg_radd utility will pick them up automatically, or you can use pkgin. Update: Well, be patient if what you need isn't there yet.  The packages are still uploading to avalon...
It's possible to speed up a 'make buildworld' by increasing the number of parallel make processes, with the -j option.  However, the optimal number of make processes depends on your system setup.  Simon 'corecode' Schubert did some testing, and it looks like the number of CPUs +1 is the best option - as long as you have more than 1 CPU.  His writeup even includes a nice graph.