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In Other BSDs for 2014/03/01

Another week where I barely need to look up source code commits.

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BSD Events to suggest

I’m helping out at the BSD Events website.  If there’s upcoming BSD-linked events, please tell me.  Speaking of which: the call for papers for EuroBSDCon 2014 is out, as is the BSDCan 2014 schedule.

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Tokyo meeting and Open Network Hardware

I was remiss in not posting this before it happened, but Issac (.ike) Levy of NYCBUG went to Tokyo to talk about the translation efforts for pfSense, on the 17th.  He posted a summary of his talk and slides.

Normally I would be posting this in an “In Other BSDs” Saturday item, but the summary page includes links on Open Network Hardware, which .ike and I talked about at NYCBSDCon.  I wanted to create a separate post for it, but he’s got all the links piled in with his talk summary already.

The hardware I want to see as a real product is the Intel ONP Switch Reference Design.  (PDF)   Having a device that looks like a switch but is actually a normal computer with a lot of network ports – that can run BSD – opens up a huge range of network possibilities.

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BSDTalk 238: NYCBSDCon

For BSDTalk 238, Will Backman has recordings from NYCBSDCon 2014.  I think I’m in there, even though I haven’t listened to it yet.

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HOPE X this summer

HOPE X, the 2600 conference, is happening July 18-20 in NYC.  It’s not specifically BSD-themed, of course, but given that I heard about it at NYCBSDCon means there will be BSD people there.

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My NYCBSDCon trip

Here I think out loud about NYCBSDCon, presented from my cleaned-up notes taken on my phone during the event.  Get ready, cause there’s a lot of words here.

The event was very popular, to the point of overflowing the venue, Suspenders.  The venue was excellent, though.  The entire bar/restaurant was turned over to the convention for the day, and it made it easy to eat and drink – especially with the drink tickets that came with admission.  The food was fantastic.

New York City is a huge city with lots to see, so I imagine anyone visiting from out of town could bring along family and have the family be entertained while the conference is going on.  I managed to sneak in a trip to The Compleat Strategist and Desert Island Comics on the day before the convention, for example.

There were enough “famous” BSD people here that having, say, the roof fall in would have been a serious community setback.  One good explosion would have taken out the people behind this digest, BSDTalk, PC-BSD, BSDNow, etc.

The NYCBUG people are very open about how the whole process works, to the point of posting how the finances worked out.  “Excess” money is getting split up between the various BSDs, too, to the tune of some hundreds of dollars.  This was increased by Michael W. Lucas auctioning a signed copy of his Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition book, which ended up being bought for $500.  I expect the financial results will be posted on the NYCBUG website at some point soon.

I nabbed a printed copy of the brand-new FreeBSD Journal, which just launched.  George Neville-Neil said that this is the only printed version that will ever exist, because printing is awful – I completely agree.  I need to cover this more in a separate post.

I experimented with not bringing my laptop and typing everything through my phone. It reduced my typing speed, but I was able to take notes and pre-write large chunks of this post as things happened. I have been thinking more and more in terms of setting things up with a tablet or phone as my ‘client’ and keeping.all useful data on my server, rather than work on a laptop with BSD installed. I’d like to be working in a BSD environment, but that’s hard to accomplish natively in a handheld format. Running things remotely from a BSD system might provide the equivalent, though. Not sure how well that would work – probably good content for another post.

The first presentation was ZFS/PC-BSD/FreeNAS, from Dru Lavigne. The PC-BSD Life Preserver application is a really nice way to view filesystem snapshots.  ZFS is really feature-rich, though it has high resources requirements compared to Hammer.  (of course I would say that.)  Dru Lavigne’s ZFS presentation slides are already up.

Ray Percival came all the way from Dallas to present “Interconnections with BSD”. Ray pointed out at dinner the night before that he is effectively able to autodeploy a firewall or other network device by remotely installing a BSD.  From Ray’s presentation : “Network engineers are discovering automation and calling it software defined networking.” That is talking about the configuration side only though, not control plane, as an audience member pointed out.  I still like the idea.  Ray made this point about support: you can buy expensive support from commercial vendors and talk to hit or miss support. With open source, you can usually talk directly to the person who makes the software itself. That doesn’t happen with vendors.

Something I took away from that and from the conference in general: BSD helps you avoid vendor lock-in. I was worried about having UNIX-familiar workers as backup at work, but: it doesn’t get better with proprietary tools.

Andrew Wong’s presentation about ZFS+FreeBSD+PostGres is from a software engineer point of view, not a sysadmin view. He described himself as “the enemy”.

Scott Long gave some details about how much traffic NetFlix pushes out (about a third of the Internet) and how much of it is on FreeBSD (almost all of it, yeesh).  The NetFlix plan is to deploy multiple relatively low-end FreeBSD systems out to ISPs to act as local content caches.  No virtualization, a light set of management tools through AWS, and when a box goes bad, they just take it out; no RAID or ZFS or other fancy steps.  They have 5 people managing 1000 machines.  

Scott made the point that they are aggressively talking to hardware vendors about support, and getting good responses back.  If you’re involved in some commercial venture with FreeBSD, talk to George Neville-Neil about the BSD hardware consortium; they’re working on a coordinated conversation with vendors to make sure BSD (probably FreeBSD only, but that’s a start) gets treated as a first-class citizen.

Jeff Rizzo described the many ways that NetBSD can be build, on most any supported platform and even not on NetBSD.  It sounds like the up-front work of getting to work in every circumstance has saved a lot of labor, later.

Michael Lucas had a very entertaining talk about DragonFly where he managed to name-drop DragonFly.  One of the points he made: when you write out a detailed justification for using open source products at your workplace, share it with the world, please.

I bought the lower-priced-than-they-needed-to-be shirts and stickers they had available, and managed to not win one of the cool PCEngines PFSense systems, with a fancy etched case.

There was also a number of demos going on during the afternoon break, though the only one I took any notes on was the one that I need to replicate at work: a PF /CARP failover setup.  They look like this on the inside.

Like I said for the last NYCBSDCon in 2010, it’s totally worth going.  I now have a long, long list of things I want to do and ideas to try, all from meeting people face to face and talking about what we can do.  It’s energizing, far more than meeting over IRC.  A third of the people there had no prior BSD experience.  George Rosamond mentioned that he was thinking they could do this perhaps every 6 months.

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NYCBSDCon, livestreaming now

The NYCBSDCon event is being livestreamed right now. I encourage watching them if you can’t make it there in person. If you don’t have time to watch the live streams, they should be available as recordings later. I will of course link to the recordings as soon as I know where they are.

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Installfest, NYCBSDCon tickets tonight

There’s a (rescheduled) BSD installfest happening in an impromptu fashion at Suspenders Bar in New York City, tonight at 6:45.  You can also buy tickets for NYCBSDCon there, for less than the online price since it’s direct.  There’s another chance to buy them for less on Wednesday at Ear Inn, nearby.  (See first link for details.)

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BSD Installfest in NYC tomorrow

If you happen to have a laptop, some flavor of BSD on media, and are near New York City tomorrow night, there’s an impromptu installfest happening at Suspenders at 6:30.  NYCBSDCon tickets will be available there, and you can now register online.

Update: canceled!

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BSDCan 2014: last chance for paper submission

I missed this for the “In Other BSDs” section yesterday, so I’m adding it today.  It’s time dependent.  BSDCan 2014 is happening May 14-17 at the University of Ottawa, with those first two days being tutorials.  If you want to get a paper in, you have to do it today.

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Convention addendum

I’ve got a buildup of convention dates to mention, so I’ll do it now: John Marino, one of the folks behind dports, is talking about Ada and BSD at FOSDEM, in Brussels, February 1-2.   George Neville-Neil is talking about BSD to NYLUG in of course New York City, on I think February 13th.  Ike Levy will be talking to the Tokyo FreeBSD Benkyokai Group, on February 17th, about pfSense.  And of course, NYCBSDCon is happening February 8th, and I think I’ll be there.

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NYCBUG meeting tonight with talk and tickets

For those of you near the NYC area, there’s a NYCBUG meeting tonight at 7 Eastern, with Brian Callahan giving a security-focused crash course in OpenBSD.  Tickets for NYCBSDCon 2014, happening on February 8th, are going to be available there for the first time, starting at 6 PM.  (and cheaper if you buy in person, too.)

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BSDTalk 236: NYCBSDCon and 8 years too

BSDTalk, which is hitting its 8th year, has 20 minutes of conversation with Ike Levy and Brian Callahan about NYCBSDCon.  (which is coming up on February 8th; will you sponsor?)

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In Other BSDs for 2013/12/14

Another week where I could get away without any commit links, just cause there’s so much BSD stuff out there.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/11/30

A lighter week for commits probably because of the U.S. holiday, but still plenty of things to link.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/11/23

I’m working my way up to more than just links to source for the cross-BSD news.  There’s a lot to swim through!

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In Other BSDs for 2013/11/16

Not as much pulled directly from the source lists this time, which is good.


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OpenBSD talk at Michigan User Group

This appears to be all audiovisual media week, because author Michael W. Lucas gave a talk at the Michigan Users Group about OpenBSD (he’s qualified), and it’s up now in two parts.  He describes it as:

“Among other things, I compare OpenBSD to Richard Stallman and physically assault an audience member.”

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BSDTalk 234: Henning Brauer at vBSDCon

BSDTalk 234 is 30 minutes of conversation with Henning Brauer, taken at vBSDCon 2013.  There’s a correlation between east coast BSD conferences and the number of BSDTalk episodes coming out.

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BSDTalk 233: David Chisnall

BSDTalk 233 plays David Chisnall’s hour of presentation from vBSDCon 2013 about moving from gcc to llvm/clang.

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LISA 2013 announced

The Large Installation System Administration 2013 conference has been announced for is coming up on November 3-8, in Washington, D.C.  There’s training and speakers and all sorts of stuff, and maybe even a working government in that town by that point.

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AsiaBSDCon 2014 announced

Hiroki Sato posted to the users@ list about AsiaBSDCon 2014.  It’s happening the 13th to 16th of March in 2014.  Material from 2013’s convention should be going up soon, and the Call for Papers is already out.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/10/05

Less straight source links this week.

Related to DragonFly: Patrick Welche updated glib2 in pkgsrc, and is interested in hearing how it works for DragonFly users.  If you have pkgsrc on your system and it’s not a quarterly release, try building t.

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vBSDCon: register soon!

There’s 30 days left to register for vBSDCon… except that 30 day mark was a week ago, but I didn’t get it posted.  So now there’s 19 days.  If you were thinking of going, go for it.  This is I think the only east coast BSD convention in the US other than NYCBSDCon.

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NYCBUG meetup Wednesday

If you’re around New York City on Wednesday, Boris Kochergin will be giving a talk at the NYCBUG meeting about how he and his employer, New York Internet, managed to be in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and survive without interruption.

That same announcement lets drop the news that NYCBSDCon will happen next February 1st 8th.

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vBSDCon speaker/presentation list

I don’t think I saw it before, but there’s a list of speakers and events up for vBSDCon.  There’s no DragonFly-specific talks, but there is a presentation from Baptiste Daroussin, one of the people behind pkgNG, which is used to create parts of DragonFly’s dports framework.

It’s positive to see a BSD conference sponsored by a company that’s not selling a BSD-specific product.  It’s happening in about a month and a half, October 25-27, in Dulles, VA.

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BSDTalk 213: FreeBSD Documentation Project

In BSDTalk 213, Will Backman talks to a number of people about the FreeBSD Documentation Project.  It’s about 14 minutes and it comes from the recent BSDCan 2013 event.

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In Other BSDs: 2013/08/31

I need to update this post during the week as I see stuff, or else I spend an hour rushing to get it all together before Satuday.  I need to start watching PC-BSD src changes, too.

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BSDTalk 230: Burt Kaliski of Verisign

BSDTalk episode 230 is out.  It’s 12 minutes of conversation with Burt Kaliski, CTO of Verisign, about the upcoming newest BSD convention, vBSDCon.

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vBSDCon registration open

Registration is open for vBSDCon, happening in Dulles, Virginia, USA, on October 25th through 27th. There’s some neat-sounding presentations listed.

I think that is the same location where I went to a rather spectacular pre-dotcom-crash presentation from Time Warner/Road Runner back in 1999.  The hotel was great; the presenters were befuddled.  An internal account manager ran up a $3,000 bar tab in one night on a company credit card…  I still have the fancy Guinness glass he bought me.  I don’t think this convention will work exactly the same way, but unlike my 1999 trip, the speakers at this one will actually know what they are talking about.

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DNSSEC talk, recorded

If you missed Michael W. Lucas’s talk about DNSSEC, it’s recorded and available on Youtube.  Or buy his book.

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Live DNSSEC talk happening now

Or at least scheduled to happen now, since I’m posting this and postdating it for everyone as a reminder.  I hope I have the time right.

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Live DNSSEC talk

On August 10th, Michael W. Lucas will be giving a talk on DNSSEC to the Metro Detroit Linux Users Group, and it’ll be livestreamed for everyone to see.  His talks are energetic and entertaining, and it’s worth making time to see.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/08/03

How many tags can I fit on this post?  I think I’ll aim for Saturday for these BSD catchup posts.  In theory, I can prep this and the Sunday Lazy Reading posts ahead of time, since they tend to be all-week items, and have the whole weekend covered.


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Coming up: OHM2013

The Observe, Hack, Make 2013 festival is coming up at the end of the month in the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, it’s already sold out, but there’s going to be at least one DragonFly developer there.  (credit to Matthias Schmidt for letting me know about the festival)

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BSDTalk 228: Michael W. Lucas

BSDTalk 228 has a nearly half-hour chat with Michael W. Lucas at BSDCan 2013.

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BSDCan 2013 videos has a nice summary up of video from all (?) the presentations at BSDCan 2013.   Of particular interest to DragonFly users: a video about pkg, the tool used for package maintenance in dports.  In this presentation, it’s talking about use on FreeBSD, but the future stuff applies to DragonFly too.

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BSDTalk 227: Matt Ahrens and ZFS

There’s a new BSDTalk by way of the recently-completed BSDCan 2013 event, and it’s half an hour of talk with Matt Ahrens about ZFS and matters related.

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vBSDCon website up

vBSDCon, the newest BSD conference, happening in October and in Virginia, has a new website.  (via)

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BSDCan 2013: more BSDTalk, more streaming

There’s another BSDTalk episode up already, because Will Backman’s at BSDCan 2013 and talking to Scott Long, Alistair Crooks, and David Discher, about NetFlix.  Apparently there’s streaming video available now from the convention, and some people’s presentation slides have shown up.

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BSDTalk 225: Kris Moore and PC-BSD

BSDTalk 225 has 12 minutes of conversation with Kris Moore about PC-BSD, recorded at BSDCan 2013, which is going on right now.

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Lounging around documentation

BSDCan 2013, which is happening in a few weeks, is going to have a “Documentation Lounge“, which is essentially a docs sprint, but with a much more relaxed-sounding name.  Anyway, it’s a good thing to contribute to.

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New conference: vBSDCon

This is interesting: Verisign is sponsoring a new BSD convention (PDF link) in October, in Dulles, Virginia, USA.  Apparently the use of BSD systems at the company is increasing, and they want to host something for it.  The pkgNG presentation may be very interesting for DragonFly users.  See the announcement.  A new convention to support increased BSD uptake is really a nice surprise.

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International Space Apps Challenge this weekend

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge is this weekend, 4/20/2013.  Fancy as it sounds, it’s really a single-day hackathon around open software and hardware, with the problems to fix coming from NASA and therefore probably very unique.  It’s happening in a bunch of places around the world, but there’s one right here in my town.

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Cons and more cons

EuroBSDCon 2013 is being held in Malta at the end of September, and the Call for Papers has just gone out.  BSDCan 2013, which is the tenth BSDCan (!) and happening in May, just opened up registration.  Same for PGCon.

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What’s happening at pkgsrcCon 2013

The 2013 version of pkgsrcCon is happening in a few weeks in Berlin, Germany.  As announced, the presentation list is up.  If you can’t make it to Berlin, there will potentially be video recordings of the event.

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Early morning distraction

Perhaps it’s not early morning where you are, but: if you go to Google’s 2013 Google I/O site, clicking on the I and O in particular patterns take you to various easter eggs.  (see after break for spoilers).


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The simplest web server

Found by way of a NYCBUG newsletter: sws, a webserver written in sh.  Brett Wynkoop is the author, and as he points out, sws works on any platform with “/bin/sh, dirname, cat, and date”.  The author’s giving a talk at an upcoming NYCBUG meeting – tomorrow!

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FOSDEM slides

Remember I mentioned FOSDEM a few days ago?  The X.Org presentation slides are up, and the mostly-about-BSD “The future of on non-Linux systems” presentation slides are included.

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FOSDEM this weekend

FOSDEM is happening this weekend in Brussels, Belgium.  Among the other talks there, OpenBSD developer Matthieu Herrb will be talking about on non-Linux systems.  That’s I think meaning “BSD”.  (via)

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BSDCan 2013 proposals

BSDCan 2013 is looking for papers, all due by the 19th.  I mentioned it before, but a reminder went out and Michael W. Lucas wrote up a lengthy explanation of how and why you should present that paper.

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BSDDay 2013 in Europe

Are you anywhere near Italy?  BSD-Day is happening April 6th, 2013, in Naples, Italy, and it would be nice to have some DragonFly representation.  (seen on #dragonflybsd on EFNet.)

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EuroBSDCon 2012 videos are out

As seen on OpenBSD Journal, the videos for EuroBSDCon 2012 are online.  There’s a lot of sessions there, so set aside some time.

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pkgsrccon 2013: March 23rd, Berlin

Will you be near Berlin, Germany, in March?  The pkgsrccon 2013 technical conference will be held there.  Julian Djamil Fagir posted details about the event.  The conference is free; you pay for your food and drink.  If you’re interested in presenting, you need to contact them before March 8th.

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BSDCan 2013 Call for Papers

BSDCan 2013, which is being held in Ottawa May 17th-18th, has a call for papers out.  You’ve got until January 19th to submit, so just about a month.

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Holiday party in NYC for most anyone

NYCBUG is joining up with a whole bunch of other software user groups (Linux, Lisp, Puppet, etc.) for a holiday party on December 11th.  This may not do you much good unless you live within a few hour’s travel, but I like seeing that sort of cross-group get-togethers, with no sponsor other than the desire to talk and drink.

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How to run a conference

Dan Langille runs BSDCan and PGCon.  He also went to EuroBSDCon and described how he put together these conferences.  The PDF containing his presentation slides makes a good checklist of what you might need for your own event, even if it’s not on the scale of his conventions.

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Chaos Communication Congress and DragonFly

Every year, the Chaos Communication Congress tends to gather at least a few DragonFly-using people, and this year is no different.  The event is being held in a much larger arena this year, in Hamburg, Germany, so there’s a good chance a DragonFly ‘assembly‘ could be held.  Speak up on the users@ mailing list, or EFNet #dragonflybsd, if you’re going too.  It’s happening on the last few days of this year, December 27th through 31st.

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AsiaBSDCon 2013 announced

AsiaBSDCon 2013 will be at the Tokyo University of Science, March 14-17.  The call for papers is already out.

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A whole lot of slides

Remember how I pointed at BSDEvent’s collection of slides from 3 different BSD conventions?  Well, now’s it is a lot more conventions.  As in multiple years of convention slides.

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3 different conventions, 1 pile of things to read

BSD Events linked to the presentations for FOSDEM 2012, BSD-Day Europe 2012, and BSDCan 2012.  There’s a lot of reading there for you – and even some video.

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NYCBUG, the NY BSD user’s group, has an RSS feed for their speaker events, found via Dru Lavigne’s always useful BSD Events twitter.  The next event at the start of October is a talk about SMPng in FreeBSD.  Given that it was the project that in part led to the creation of DragonFly, I’d like to hear about it.  (and even better, have someone more qualified than I compare and contrast that approach with what’s in DragonFly.)

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LOPSA call for papers

LOPSA East is happening next May in New Jersey.  I haven’t seen mention of this on any BSD list, but there’s definitely Unixy things happening there.  The call for papers is out.

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NYCBUG, Adrian Chadd, and teeny tiny computers

Adrian Chadd has apparently been smushing FreeBSD onto MIPS systems for some time, and he’s going to talk about it tomorrow night at the NYCBUG meeting.  I’m noting it because I’ve always found it interesting how much can be stripped out of a kernel and userland and still have a functional system.

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EuroBSDCon 2012 registration open

If you’re going to be near Warsaw, Poland, in late October, you can visit EuroBSDCon.  Registration is open now.

(The logo makes me think of a certain meme.)

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Near NYC? See tmux

NYCBUG has a presentation tomorrow night titled “Bring a Box, Rock Your tmux(1)“, with Matthew Story.  If you’re near the area, it’s worth seeing.

(posted for the benefit of the people who keep telling me “stop using screen and switch to tmux.”)

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BSDTalk 216: Kris Moore and PC-BSD

BSDCan 2012 spawned a lot of interviews.  We all benefit from that.  For example, another BSDTalk interview, talking with Kris Moore of iXSystems about what’s in the next version of PC-BSD.

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BSDCan 2012 videos

The presentations from BSDCan 2012 are up in video form.  I was going to link to this in a Lazy Reading post, but there’s a lot of video there.  (via)  Of interest: Intro to DNSSEC and FreeBSD’s new package manager.  Check the list, cause there’s a lot more.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/04/08

The links are all over the map this week, which is fine.  Enjoy!

Your unrelated link of the week: memepool.  It’s seen some activity lately.  It was a blog before there were blogs, and I was part of it.

Lazy Reading for 2012/03/18

I’m making sure I post this Lazy Reading on the right day.  A nice full week’s worth of stuff.

Your unrelated link of the week: Neo Scavenger.  (via)  It’s a game, in Flash, and in beta.  If you like  postapocalyptic survival, it may be for you.

BSD conventions happening in Europe

I’ve seen notices in the past 24 hours for 2 different BSD events: BSD-Day, at UAS Technikum Wien in Vienna, Austria on May 5, 2012, and EuroBSDcon 2012, in Warsaw, Poland, October 18-21.  The Call For Proposals is out for EuroBSDcon, for submission by May 20th.

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BSDCan schedule up

Take a look at the schedule if you’ve been thinking about going… (seen via multiple places)  This is as good a time as any to point out, once again, the very valuable BSD Events Twitter feed.

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Some BSD Multimedia

Here’s several things to look at:

Michael Lucas’s “BSD Needs Books” talk from NYCBSDCon 2010, on Youtube.  I’ve talked about it before because I saw it in person; it’s a good talk.  Ironically, he talks about getting a publisher interested in your book, and he just self-published.

Hubert Feyrer linked to the slides of two pkgsrc talks at FOSDEM; one about bringing pkgsrc to MirBSD, and one about pkgin, which is included in DragonFly.

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2012 Joint Documentation Summit

There’s a single day between BSDCan and PGCon, May 13th.  That day will be the 2012 Joint Documentation Summit.  People from BSD projects and Postgres will get together to discuss documentation tools, projects, and so on.  If you are going to either convention, I’d recommend visiting this too.  This sort of cross-project pollination leads to good things.

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BSDCan call for papers extension

The deadline for submitting papers for BSDCan has been extended, since the convention’s site suffered some downtime this past weekend.  Submit proposals by tomorrow, the 31st, now.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/01/15

Getting back into the rhythm, here…

Your unrelated comics link of the week: there’s a Freddy, and a dragonfly, but it’s not DragonFly BSD.  It’s still fun though.


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BSDCan 2012 call for papers

BSDCan 2012 is happening on the 11th and 12th of May, 2012, with 2 days of tutorials beforehand.  It’s at the University of Ottawa. The call for papers is out.  These are proposals for talks, not academic papers.  The deadline for submissions is Jan 29th, unlike what the site says as of this writing.

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Going to 28C3?

Are you going to Chaos Communication Congress 28?  There’s going to be a number of DragonFly developers there, so it’s a good time to meet up.  They’re in EFNet #dragonflybsd IRC, so speak up there if you want to find them.

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FreeBSD Foundation end of year donations

The FreeBSD Foundation is putting out their end of year donation notice.  Donate if you can; the support for active developers there helps everyone.

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BSDLOSDR available

As Brooks Davis kindly posted to users@, FOSDEM 2012 will have a “BSD Licensed Operating System Developers Room”.  This has the most value to you if you’ll be near Brussels, February 4th and 5th.

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