Lazy Reading for 2020/04/05

No theme this week.

Your unrelated video of the day: Horse.

In Other BSDs for 2020/04/04

Last minute this week.  Everyone is inside except me working two jobs again.  Dumb, but I do enjoy the work.

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/29

Accidental open source ideas or maybe history this week.  That might be too easy a category to fit into.

In Other BSDs for 2020/03/28

I have multiple BSD based systems to update, reboot, and hopefully not physically visit in the next week or so.

jails and loopback IPs

Jails on DragonFly can now route to loopback addresses (i.e.  Because of this, they can work like shared IPs and the jail can connect to the host.

I think this means that you no longer have to bind jail services to specific IPs as you did previously.  Don’t quote me on that; I’ve run few jails in my life.

Update: I should have linked this too: the sysctl jail.defaults.allow_listen_override that makes it easier in the host system too.

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/22

Random this week, but that’s not so different than usual.

In Other BSDs for 2020/03/21

A bit short this week; I think everyone’s been occupied with other issues.