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Summer of Code accepted students

There’s 5 slots for DragonFly in Summer of Code for 2009, and the students in those slots are listed below.  We had some very good applications; more than we had room for and higher quality than last year.  If you did not get in, please consider working independently.

Student: Alexander Hornung
Project: DevFS for DragonFly BSD
Mentor: joe talbott

Student: Dan Chis
Project: Support debugging of multi-threaded applications
Mentor: schubert simon

Student: robert luciani
Project: Profile kernel contention on MP systems
Mentor: Samuel Greear

Student: Jordan Gordeev
Project: Finish amd64 port of DragonFly
Mentor: Matthew Dillon

Student: efstathios kamperis
Project: C99/POSIX Conformance Audit
Mentor: hasso tepper

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More TV card support

Sascha Wildner’s added the cxm(4) driver, which supports Hauppauge PVR-250/350 video capture cards.  Hasso Tepper kindly donated the hardware for testing.

I’ll note here that I have a Hauppauge TV card (848 chipset, I think) that’s possibly the oldest continuously functioning computer equipment I own; I’ve been using it for close to a decade without a single problem.  I have nothing else that has reached the benchmark.