NVMM, qemu, and dports

I think from this commit that qemu in dports is able to build NVMM-compatible.  It won’t be in the current binaries for download because those are built from quarterlies, but work from source.

I am not sure those sentences I just typed would be comprehensible to a non-BSD user.

How to mess up mail delivery

Here’s something I just learned: If you are running dma(8), /etc/dma.conf will contain MAILNAME.   If your email server is somewhere else, but you set MAILNAME as your domain – dma will deliver locally.

I had /etc/dma.conf set with MAILNAME shiningsilence.com – so dma kept delivering overnight periodic results to root, which was aliased to justin@shiningsilence.com in /etc/mail/aliases and so it was delivered to ‘justin’ locally on the machine.

Changing MAILNAME to www.shiningsilence.com – the host you are reading right now – fixed the problem.  Now, whether this was an automatically set config or something I misconfigured some years ago… I can’t tell.