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  1. With Hammer2 mostly done, what’s the next major thing planned being worked on for Dragonfly BSD?

  2. I don’t have time for IRC anymore, so I don’t hear what other people are thinking.

  3. Guys,

    What you did to version 6.4.0… we are not able to use X-Window because I have both the mouse and the keyboard freezing and a friend of mine, the mouse only. We can’t work in it… We want to port mseide-msegui Pascal RAD IDE in it but we can’t…

    Here on Pascal forums is the announcement :

    And here is the open source project, mseide-msegui: https://github.com/mse-org/mseide-msegui

    My laptop is an Asus with Intel graphics… :
    ASUSTek X541UAK
    Intel Core i3-7100U 4x 2.4GHz
    HD Graphics 620 (Kaby Lake GT2)

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