Spooky Reading! Your unrelated music of the week: OV / ER / LO / AD from the Kleptones.  The last two are linked but not yet released, so if they don't work yet, come back in a week.
I finally cleared out most of my BSD RSS.  Now everyone has to post more stuff and refill!  
This week's BSD Now talks about OpenBSD and OpenZFS - but not at the same time; don't misread this.
You can now create FAT volumes on DragonFly.  Not exactly high-tech, but a filesystem that most anything can read and write.
All over the place this week.
Live in-person meetings are happening, slowly, finally.
This has been a good week for BSD releases, hasn't it?  This week's BSDNow gets into RISC-V, too.
SEMIBUG's monthly meeting is online, and it's tomorrow the 19th, at 1900 hours (-0400, Eastern) via Jitsi.  It's going to be about "the advantages of Emacs", given by a group member.  Go, see, even if it's just to shake your fist at the screen and mumble "viiiiiiiiiiii".
Mini-theme: old hardware or new terminals, you pick.  
6.0.1 is tagged and available.  The major reason for this update is an expired Let's Encrypt certificate that would cause problems when downloading dpkg binaries.   A list of 6.0.1 commits is available. I recommend the usual rebuild process mentioned on the 6.0 release notes:
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld
make upgrade
Don't forget to update your packages with 'pkg upgrade'.
It's not on their web page but it's on Jitsi, so you can join now.  (alerted via)
I managed to miss it last week, but last week's BSD Now talks about NetFlix's usage of FreeBSD to serve a ridiculous amount of data, among other things.
UNIX history for the mini-theme this week. Your unrelated animation of the week: Cyriak Animator Pro.  
It is status report season!
If you have encountered that problem with Let's Encrypt and dports, the fix is committed and a make world is needed.