Lazy Reading for 2012/07/29

I may be on the road as you read this, so I’m trying to pre-pack this Lazy Reading entry.  I also pre-apologize for any lack of posts from me.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack.  UK readers may already be familiar with this artist.

A change for bc(1), no change for man

Pierre Abbat noticed that bc(1)‘s usage of GNU readline something that wasn’t GNU readline made it harder to use; Sascha Wildner changed it to use libedit.  Pierre’s other complaint, that BSD man page output stays on-screen when completed, is a positive feature.  Linux systems that clear man page output enrage me, because I expect to be able to take advantage of my scroll buffer.

Lazy Reading for 2012/07/22

Remember my crazy theory from two weeks ago?  Haha!  It doesn’t actually prove my idea because it’s a one-time charge, but I feel vindicated.

Lazy Reading for 2012/07/15

It’s a short week this week, but that’s OK.  The last few weeks have been a deluge of links.

Your unrelated link of the week: Crane Recursion.  (via)

Do you use TeX?

I don’t, but I know there are people that do.  That’s why I’m pointing out this discussion where it appears that TeXLive 2012 won’t support NetBSD, which may mean no DragonFly either.  There’s the not-yet-packaged alternative kertex.  TeXLive is in pkgsrc, so I don’t know if that means the package will be discontinued or just altered.

(Please correct me where I go wrong here; I’m not very familiar with this, but it sounds like a drastic enough change that it should be mentioned.)

Update: as several people pointed out, it’s just prebuilt binary versions that aren’t being provided upstream.  The packages will all still be present in pkgsrc.  So, no functional change for most everyone.

gcc47 means gcc-aux for you

John Marino has added a ‘gcc47’ compiler ccvar, so you can build world and kernel with it.  ‘It’ is actually gcc-aux, since it seems to work better than the basic (“vanilla”?)  gcc47.  You also get Ada support, though that wasn’t the driving reason to pick it.  This is brand new so don’t try it unless you’re ready to discover issues.

Is there any other BSD able to use gcc 4.7 for world/kernel?  Even 4.6?  Most of the attention has been on clang.