Another way to edit

The website is a wiki (ikiwiki, to be exact) and any page on it can be edited.  You have to create an account, first, which only requires picking a username and password.

However!  If you have an account on where it is hosted, you can check it out via git, edit any number of pages using your favorite editor, and commit it back and the pages will automatically rebuild.  The commit will even show up like any other change.

Lazy Reading: puzzles, git, old things

Something for everyone this week.

Slightly less hassle for Linux support

Something that always got with with Linux binary support was that I couldn’t get the Linux /proc filesystem to automatically mount on boot.  I’d end up doing it by hand later, right after I tried to start a Linux binary and had all sorts of issues.  Pierre Abbat had this same problem, and Sascha Wildner has the answer: “linux_load=yes” in /boot/loader.conf.

Firefox really, finally, actually fixed

Matt Dillon and Venkatesh Srinivas conspired to fix another nmalloc issue, which should resolve any remaining problems people were having with Firefox, and possibly other applications as well. Due to an oversight of sorts, all locking operations on nmalloc’s depot were ineffective, as if there were no locking at all. Curiously, it worked remarkably well considering such a large race condition was present.