Matthew Dillon has added powerd(8), a daemon that adjusts CPU frequency based on activity; his initial report describes a whopping 40% power savings for server use.
Link catchup!
Matthew Dillon set up a git copy of the pkgsrc repository some time ago.  However, it's had syncing problems, and there's an 'official' pkgsrc git repository now which does not have the problems.  You can still pull from the same place, but it's the 'master' branch now.  His heads-up message describes how to switch.
Not an actual user Not actually related to DragonFly except by coincidental name, but it's entertaining and imageblogging is fun.  (via, some other images there nsfw)
There's a new BSDTalk podcast up, again from BSDCan 2010.  This one interviews Henning Brauer and Peter Hansteen about pf, for 20 minutes.
It's been 0.25 years since the last, so pkgsrc is due for another quarterly release.  The usually-two-week freeze before release starts tonight.  The release should happen at the end of the month.
EuroBSDCon 2010 is happening October 8th-10th in Karlsruhe, Germany.  (I'll let you guess the year.)  The Call for Papers is out now.  The website lists it as "Call for Speakers", but you have to write an abstract so I suppose that's close enough.  (via lots of places)
If you're following bleeding-edge pkgsrc, there's been an update to png.  Since a lot of programs depend on it, a lot of programs will need to be rebuilt.  Be ready for it.  This won't affect anyone using quarterly releases.
Venkatesh Srinivas has quoted a good phrase to sum up the work he and Matthew Dillon are doing to remove the Big Lock: 'Less Lock, More Rock'
Naoya Sugioka posted his qemu config; I link to it for reference, both for running DragonFly in emulation and for running emulated systems on DragonFly.
Jan Lentfer's posted details on how his update of pf is going; it builds, but he's having some issues with that actual filtering.  He's on vacation for a short while, but his git repo of that work is available for anyone who wants to look.
Normally I nab a few links from Christian Neukirchen's blog for my Messylaneous link roundups, but his latest entry has more good ones than I can steal comfortably.  Go read.