Messylaneous for 2010/02/16

It’s like someone turned on the activity faucet; there’s so much to post about lately!

  • PkgsrcCon 2010 is May 28th to 30th, in Basel.  The date’s been declared, but not much else – yet.
  • Chunks of KDE in pkgsrc are now updating to the KDE4 versions by default.  This only affects pkgsrc-current users, not pkgsrc-2009Q4.
  • An interesting story about computer manufactuing and MicroSD problems.
  • In Praise of Online Obscurity – this article makes me think of communities like DragonFly and the other BSDs.  In essence, growth causes smaller independent groups to form out of a larger membership, because a social group can only be maintained to a certain size.   Perhaps this is why FreeBSD’s evolved a core group, or other groups form, like Wikipedia ‘editors’.  (via)  I’m catering to my own interests in group dynamics here.
  • Jan Lentfer’s brought in his hostapd and wpa_supplicant work, mentioned previously.
Summer of Code FAQ, calendar, more

Google’s posted a FAQ for Summer of Code in 2010, which includes a timeline.  There’s also a 2010 calendar, which is perhaps most useful in “Agenda” view.  Keep those dates in mind if you are planning to participate.  If you feel like doing some promotion, there’s a section with flyers in multiple languages.

Also, the GSOC 2010 logo.  Logo’s pretty, but typographically, it’s brutal.  More importantly, the student stipend has increased to USD $5,000 for 2010.

A week’s worth of posts for you

I can’t keep up with all the things to post.  I desperately want to clear my inbox, so here’s a week’s worth of posts all smushed together.  Enjoy!