Matthew Dillon has updated pkg_radd to download based on the uname of the system where it’s run.  This means binary downloads can be keyed to the appropriate release, instead of just whatever’s most recent on pkgbox or any of the mirrors.

Art & Code, EuroBSDCon, projects

The FreeBSD Foundation is looking to give people money to work.   (pdf)  Specifically, they have USD $30K to give to people wanting to work on FreeBSD subsystems.   Fight global recession!

EuroBSDCon 2009 is being held September 18-19th in Cambridge, UK.  That’s a long way off, but they just opened their call for papers.

Art & Code is March 7th, at Carnegie Mellon.  “Programming for Artists” – it’s cheap, and the output should be interesting.  (via)

@Play: Spelunky

@Play has a new column up, this one about “Spelunky”, a tile-based underground exploration game.  This game’s new and has been getting some buzz; it’s a sidescroller game that has aspects of roguelike play.

Also, this column is the 50th @Play column and, at the bottom of the page, has a nice list of past articles by topic.