Month: July 2012

BSDTalk 218: Michael W. Lucas, also ports/pkgsrc opinions

I’m back home and getting back into things, so here’s thing one:  Michael W. Lucas was interviewed at BSDCan 2012 for 16 minutes about his recent and upcoming books.

Lucas also recently talked about a problem with port installation on FreeBSD.  What he says there I think applies to pkgsrc as well.

(I haven’t even read my email yet, gee whiz.)

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Lazy Reading for 2012/07/29

I may be on the road as you read this, so I’m trying to pre-pack this Lazy Reading entry.  I also pre-apologize for any lack of posts from me.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack.  UK readers may already be familiar with this artist.

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Another LiveDVD image

Sascha Wildner’s been working on his own DragonFly live images, in DVD or USB form.  It uses XFCE along with a number of other packages listed in his post.  They are .xz compressed, so they are nice and small for download, but make sure you have something that knows that format.

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A note for Atom CPU users

Not all flavors of Atom CPU support frequency scaling, as Sven Gaerner found out.  This means more heat and more power usage.  There’s further details scattered through the thread, but Sascha Wildner found what seems to be the definitive answer of which variants do and do not.

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GSoC week 9 reports

Mihai Carabas has posted his weekly results, showing a 5% improvement in pgbench resultswhen using his scheduler.  Vishesh Yadav is working on IN_MOVED_TO/IN_MOVED_FROM flags (part of inotify, I assume).  Ivan Sichmann Freitas I haven’t heard from yet.  (Ivan, where are you?)

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A change for bc(1), no change for man

Pierre Abbat noticed that bc(1)‘s usage of GNU readline something that wasn’t GNU readline made it harder to use; Sascha Wildner changed it to use libedit.  Pierre’s other complaint, that BSD man page output stays on-screen when completed, is a positive feature.  Linux systems that clear man page output enrage me, because I expect to be able to take advantage of my scroll buffer.

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MaheshaDragonFlyBSD now available

Juraj Sipos wrote me to describe MaheshaDragonFlyBSD, a live DragonFly image that has additional software preinstalled, and can easily be set to understand Sanskrit.  It’s available in DVD and USB versions.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/07/22

Remember my crazy theory from two weeks ago?  Haha!  It doesn’t actually prove my idea because it’s a one-time charge, but I feel vindicated.

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Even more Broadcom

Thanks to David Christensen of Broadcom, Sepherosa Ziehau was able to add BCM5718 and BCM57785 support in the new bnx(4) driver.

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More Broadcom chip support

Sepherosa Ziehau has added support for a variety of bge(4) chipsets.

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Upcoming Postgres update in pkgsrc

According to Aleksej Saushev, pkgsrc is going to start defaulting to Postgres 9.1 instead of Postgres 8.4 by default, in just a few weeks.  That means an upgrade in the next quarterly release, so keep that in mind.

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Pkgsrc success rate

John Marino sent a nice email to users@ about the improvements in build success for pkgsrc since May – and I can’t find it in the mailarchive.  I’ll paste a summary after the break.


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Summer of Code and DragonFly, week 8

I hope it’s week 8.  Anyway here’s the reports from Mihai CarabasVishesh Yadav, and Ivan Sichmann Freitas.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/07/15

It’s a short week this week, but that’s OK.  The last few weeks have been a deluge of links.

Your unrelated link of the week: Crane Recursion.  (via)

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Google Summer of Code midterms: everyone passes

At least for DragonFly, every current participant in Google Summer of Code passed the midterm evaluation.  Yay!

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Do you use TeX?

I don’t, but I know there are people that do.  That’s why I’m pointing out this discussion where it appears that TeXLive 2012 won’t support NetBSD, which may mean no DragonFly either.  There’s the not-yet-packaged alternative kertex.  TeXLive is in pkgsrc, so I don’t know if that means the package will be discontinued or just altered.

(Please correct me where I go wrong here; I’m not very familiar with this, but it sounds like a drastic enough change that it should be mentioned.)

Update: as several people pointed out, it’s just prebuilt binary versions that aren’t being provided upstream.  The packages will all still be present in pkgsrc.  So, no functional change for most everyone.

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Check your Samba version

… because versions 3.0 and 3.3 will be leaving pkgsrc soon-ish.  You’d probably want to update anyway, but this is just in case you haven’t been upgrading too vigorously.

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A whole lot of updates

Peter Avalos has updated a bunch of third-party software: tcpdumplibpcap, libarchive, tnftp, xz, and OpenPAM.  Thanks Peter!  If you need more info on what these things are, the information is out there.

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Near NYC? See tmux

NYCBUG has a presentation tomorrow night titled “Bring a Box, Rock Your tmux(1)“, with Matthew Story.  If you’re near the area, it’s worth seeing.

(posted for the benefit of the people who keep telling me “stop using screen and switch to tmux.”)

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gcc47 means gcc-aux for you

John Marino has added a ‘gcc47’ compiler ccvar, so you can build world and kernel with it.  ‘It’ is actually gcc-aux, since it seems to work better than the basic (“vanilla”?)  gcc47.  You also get Ada support, though that wasn’t the driving reason to pick it.  This is brand new so don’t try it unless you’re ready to discover issues.

Is there any other BSD able to use gcc 4.7 for world/kernel?  Even 4.6?  Most of the attention has been on clang.

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Summer of Code status, week 7

Here’s the regular status updates for Mihai Carabas (scheduler) and Vishesh Yadav (inotify).  I don’t have the update from Ivan Sichmann Freitas yet.  Here’s Ivan Sichmann Freitas.

Lazy Reading for 2012/07/08

I think there’s a chance we’re about to see Microsoft start to slip downhill, in a way that may only be apparent a year from now if it continues.  The company’s been a big moneymaker for years, but news items like the recent writedowns and my personal experience that they’re outsourcing license compliance checking makes me think that the rise of tablets and smartphones is cutting into their Windows/Office revenues like nothing ever has before.

It’s a guess, and it’s not likely that I’m right.  If I am, it’s a seismic shift.  Enough armchair theory!  Here’s the links:

Your unrelated comics link of the week: The Whole Story.  A comics collection, sort of  like the ‘humble indie bundles’ for games, where if you pay a bit more, you get even more comics.

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Here’s a way to donate

If you want to put something towards DragonFly, and you don’t have time or hardware, cash is now an option.  (It’s not tax-deductible.)

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Netgraph 7 work still going on

Nuno Antunes is still working on that netgraph upgrade.  Among other changes, ng_tty has been added.  What’s it do?  Something with ppp, I think.

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July BSD Magazine out

July’s BSD Magazine has, among other things, an article from Michael W. Lucas along with a 30% off coupon for his Absolute FreeBSD book.  There’s also an interview of Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo.  Apparently DuckDuckGo uses FreeBSD?  That’s good news.

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Visible capacitor failures

From a thread on users@, I bring you Visible Capacitor Failures.  If the problems pictured are new to you…  trust me, you will see them up close someday.

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More than you may want to know about BIOSes and partitioning

Someone trying DragonFly couldn’t get it to start, and appeared to have a confused disk.  It looks like the system BIOS were at fault, and Matt Dillon has an explanation of this minefield.  (Including some comments on 4k physical disk sectors.)

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igb(4) and MSI-X

Sepherosa Ziehau has added MSI-X support to igb(4), the Intel PRO/1000 gigabit network card.  What does that mean?  The commit message mentions a default transmit rate of 1.48Mpps small packets, which is good?

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GSoC updates, week 6

The usual weekly updates from Mihai CarabasVishesh Yadav, and Ivan Sichmann Freitas.  Mihai has some interesting bugs found this past week by running his code on Matt Dillon’s 48-core system.

Hardware reports given out

New company Gainframe is offering up OpenBSD dmesg/pcidump/usbdevs output for every system they build.  I was originally going to link to this in a Lazy Reading entry, but then I realized it’s also a new company specializing in BSD-compatible hardware.   Read the interview; I met Michael Dexter at the last NYCBSDCon and he is a decent guy.

We need more of this sort of specifically targeted work.   Sites that rely on crowd-sourced contribution are good, but it’s not necessarily comprehensive, and you need a very large crowd for it to work.

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pkgsrc-2012Q2 released

The release announcement for pkgsrc-2012Q2 is out.  New in this quarterly release: statistics about clang and pkgsrc.  A surprisingly large number of packages build just fine with clang instead of gcc.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/07/01

It’s summer, and I’m too warm.  I’m whiny but still making with the links:

Your unrelated link of the day: The Kleptones are great, and this collection of the music that influenced Paul Simon’s Graceland is a wonderful find.  A happier album I’ve never heard.  I feel nostalgic for the days when you had to actually search for music.

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