Lazy Reading for 2019/10/20

Lots of variety this week; I’m happy with this link batch.

Your unrelated music of the week: The Mysterious Professor 950’s Otherworldly Beat Tapes.

In Other BSDs for 2019/10/19

I’m leading with the most complex but perhaps also most unfulfilling link.

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/13

A mix of complaints, history, and odd technical items.  The usual!

In Other BSDs for 2019/10/12

I’m sure there’s some recent stuff I missed; I will catch it in next week’s roundup.

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/06

Pre-posted in advance cause once again working through the weekend.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Scratch.  I saw this in the theater a while ago, and I didn’t realize the whole thing was on Youtube.  It’s turntablism at its peak.  (via)

In Other BSDs for 2019/10/05

There’s been a lot of BUG meetings lately; I think it’s time to form some more.