Lazy Reading for 2024/01/07

Of course the first thing I did was type the wrong year into the title of this post.


Lazy Reading for 2023/12/31

Happy new year!  More BSD content in this week’s summary than usual.

Your unrelated music of the week: Don Leisure, Halal Cool J.  Music’s good, title’s hilarious.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2023/12/24

Merry almost Christmas!

Lazy Reading for 2023/12/17

Here’s a weird confluence of things all based on me searching out links and stories for this blog:  Based on the recommendation of Cooking Issues listeners, I visited Hi-Collar last weekend, a Japanese kissaten (which I know of because of Craig Mod’s mailing listbook) while I stayed at St. Marks’s Hotel, which I know about through NYCBSDCon.  Meal was good, and all these things would not have come together without these years of Lazy Reading posts.

Lazy Reading for 2023/12/10

Old hardware – really old – minitheme.

Lazy Reading for 2023/12/03

No theme other than maybe interesting hardware.


Lazy Reading for 2023/11/26

I missed last week because of a time crunch at 2 jobs, but at least I can make this week up.

Lazy Reading for 2023/11/12

No natural theme at all this week.  Which is OK!

Lazy Reading for 2023/11/05

More wide-ranging this week.

Lazy Reading for 2022/10/29

All history this week for some reason.

Lazy Reading for 2023/10/22

Now this is mostly my backlog of RSS feed items.  Eventually I will catch up to everything…


Lazy Reading for 2023/10/15

This week I’m cleaning out links from saved emails and newsletters.

Lazy Reading for 2023/10/08

I made it through the third major ERP transition I’ve done professionally, and it was successful.  I hope I never have to do another.  Also, I have a lot of open tabs.

Lazy Reading for 2023/08/13

Comfortably all over the map this week.

Lazy Reading for 2023/08/06

The mini-theme this week is that some of these links go to lists of more links, so I’m sure there’s a rabbit hole in here for you somewhere.

Lazy Reading for 2023/07/30

This is one of the more eclectic groups of links I’ve published.

Lazy Reading for 2023/07/23

No theme this week.

Lazy Reading for 2023/07/16

Mini-theme: things that haven’t existed for decades, recreated.

Lazy Reading for 2023/07/09

History mini-theme.