Lazy Reading for 2017/09/03

Seventies/Eighties computing, this week.

Lazy Reading for 2017/08/27

I finally used up my overflow links.

Your odd video link of the week: what if the Doctor Who theme was composed by John CarpenterVangelisJean-Michel Jarre, or Tangerine Dream?  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2017/08/20

This is overflow from last week’s overflow.

Your web game of the week: Sword Shop.  Unity, so not sure where it can run other than Windows, unfortunately.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2017/08/13


Lazy Reading for 2017/08/06

You may be able to detect a subtle bias based on my early design education, this week.

Lazy Reading for 2017/07/30

Apparently this is the week where I comment about my links.

Your unrelated animated GIF of the week: I find this …  Inspirational?  Hilarious?


Lazy Reading for 2017/07/23

I’ve got some esoteric stuff this week.

Unrelated audio link of the week: Alan Lomax recordings are up on Bandcamp.

Lazy Reading for 2017/07/16

There’s some meaningful links buried in here, among the trivia.



Lazy Reading for 2017/07/09

This wrote itself a week ago.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Animated Short Films.  An animator’s favorites, if the above list of links hasn’t kept you busy enough..

Lazy Reading for 2017/07/02

A bumper crop of odd links today!  Reading for a long weekend, or at least it’s a long weekend for most North American readers, I think.

Lazy Reading for 2017/06/26

Only half a year until Christmas!

Your unrelated video link of the week: time for sushi.  A followup to going to the store and late for meeting.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2017/06/18

The weather’s nice but the links aren’t stopping!

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Mister Hayden Comics.

Lazy Reading for 2017/06/11

All over the map today.

Unrelated link of the week: I Love Butter Tarts.  If you’ve never encountered a butter tart, you should.  Found via the Midland Butter Tart Festival, which I am disappointed to have missed.

Lazy Reading for 2017/06/04

A lot of this was picked up during the previous long U.S. holiday weekend.

Lazy Reading for 2017/05/28

All these links came together at once, after I cleaned up a lot of browser tabs.

Lazy Reading for 2017/05/21

The weather’s nice, so the links are light.  Well, they were, then I got some reading done, and now we have a good-size list.

Your unrelated link of the week: Roads & Kingdoms Breakfast.  Food and a story every weekday.

Lazy Reading for 2017/05/14

Reader suggestions always make me happy.

Lazy Reading for 2017/05/07

Accidental topic this week: text interfaces!

Your unrelated video of the week: DOUBLE KING.  (via multiple places)

Lazy Reading for 2017/04/30

April over already?

Lazy Reading for 2017/04/23

Eclectic!  I cover everything this week: computer history, modern pessimistic computing, odd hardware, strange software stories, comics, and tea.

Your sorta-a-comics-link of the week: Liartown USA, the book.