Lazy Reading for 2018/05/27

Another wide range; hope you have reading time.

Your vector graphics video of the week: TANK.  (via multiple places)

Lazy Reading for 2018/05/20

A little more on building and less on rights this week.

Lazy Reading for 2018/05/13

I’ve got some real esoteric sources this week.

Your rights-oriented hardware project of the week: NeTV2, a Bunnie Huang project.  A neat device worth funding on its own, and worth having to show what capabilities are being denied us by law.

Lazy Reading for 2018/05/06

A theme of rebellion this week.

Lazy Reading for 2018/04/29

No accidental theme this week.

Lazy Reading for 2018/04/22

Accidental theme this week… video games, though not strongly.


Lazy Reading for 2018/04/15

No theme grew this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Belfry WebComics Index.  Very 90s.  (via I lost it, sorry)

Lazy Reading for 2018/04/08

Accidental theme this week: Social media is a dead end.

Your unrelated food link for the week: King Arthur test kitchen disasters.  Summarized annually on April Fools Day, every year.


Lazy Reading for 2018/04/01

Accidental theme this week: games.

Your unrelated cookbook link of the week: “Texture – A hydrocolloid recipe collection”.

Lazy Reading for 2018/03/25

Oddball links week.

Lazy Reading for 2018/03/18

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In the U.S., we drink green beer and wear kilts, cause nobody’s terribly sure what Irish means within an American context anymore.

Your unrelated mollusk-related death metal of the week: Slugdge.

Lazy Reading for 2018/03/11

Old games – but not too old, for this week’s theme.


Lazy Reading for 2018/03/04

Overflow that started 2 weeks ago.  Maybe I should go intraweekly for Lazy Reading?

Lazy Reading for 2018/02/25

10 months until Christmas!

Lazy Reading for 2018/02/18

The links this week aren’t necessarily long, but they are definitely “make-you-think” material.

Lazy Reading for 2018/02/11

Some really fun things this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the day: Verse.

Lazy Reading for 2018/02/04

I finally worked through my Lazy Reading link backlog.

Your unrelated link of the week: see the last paragraph of this Don Hertzfeldt interview; it’s important.  “Every time you pay to watch something you’re casting a vote. You’re saying, ‘Hey go make more of this, please.’ Audiences have all of the power to shape what gets made and what doesn’t.”


Lazy Reading for 2018/01/28

I’m already filling in next week’s Lazy Reading links, there’s so much.

Lazy Reading for 2018/01/21

Almost all of this was done within 24 hours of the last Lazy Reading.  No idea why there were so many good candidates for reading, but I’m happy about it.

Lazy Reading for 2018/01/14

This is almost all link overflow from last week – and next week’s edition is almost complete.  There’s a lot to read lately!