More bullets

I’ve got a number of little items, so more roundup:

  • How much disruption happened in DragonFly after introducing a dynamic device system?  Surprisingly, very little, as most of pkgsrc still builds.  Thanks are due to Hasso Tepper for the corrective work.
  • _why makes some very perceptive comments.
  • Jordan Gordeev’s been working on the very difficult AMD64 port as part of his Summer of Code work.  He says thanks for the help, and others reply in kind.  Speaking of which, it’s possible to boot 64-bit DragonFly now, though it’s not production-ready.

Messylaneous: books, lawsuits, git, more

Dear universe, including DragonFly people: stop doing so much stuff.  It’s hard to keep up.

GCC 4.4. and NO_GCC44

As Hasso Tepper pointed out, having GCC 4.4 in DragonFly is unique to DragonFly.  Systems like pkgsrc don’t work due to the changes in headers and etc. between gcc 4.2 and 4.4, and since no other BSD uses gcc 4.4, the fixes would all have to come from DragonFly (and be backward compatible).  This is unlikely to change in the near term, since this newer version of gcc is being refused due to the V3 GNU Public License, not a technical issue.    It’ll stay in DragonFly for now.

However, you can specifically exclude it and speed up buildworlds with the new NO_GCC44 option.    It’s also possible to use NO_GCC34 in make.conf to keep the old version of gcc from building, for those who don’t like to wait.