Category: BUG

  • ChiBUG meets tonight

    ChiBUG’s monthly (rescheduled) meeting is tonight.  RSVP if you can attend, to make sure the restaurant has the seating.

  • SEMIBUG and Backus-Naur tomorrow

    SEMIBUG’s monthly meeting is tomorrow.  If you don’t know what Backus-Naur is, this meeting is via Jitsi and you can find out.

  • SLUUG meeting, FreeBSD presentation

    SLUUG (St. Louis Unix Users Group) is meeting tonight and Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation is presenting, among others.  It’s available through Zoom.

  • ChiBUG meeting tonight

    CHIBUG’s monthly meeting is in-person at the usual place tonight at 6. UPDATE: It’s been rescheduled for the 15th.

  • GhostBSD meetup, tonight

    This will happen before the normal In Other BSDs post, so I am posting it now: there’s a GhostBSD virtual meetup happening tonight.

  • SEMIBUG, databases, tonight

    SEMIBUG’s meeting tonight has Susan Hurst presenting on database implementation, via Jitsi.  7 PM Michigan time.

  • In Other BSDs for 2022/02/05

    Note the first three items are events with deadlines happening now. There’s a NetBSD chat happening online this morning – in a few moments. Noting again: BSDCan 2022 is going to be online, and the CFP closes Monday. FOSDEM 2022 is happening today and tomorrow, and there’s several BSD events as usual.  It’s online so […]

  • NYCBUG lunch reminder

    The NYCBUG lunch is today, 1-2 Eastern.

  • Friday lunch

    NYCBUG is having another lunch meeting online, this Friday, 1-2 Eastern time.  RSVP on the NYCBUG talk@ list if you are going.

  • GhostBSD meetup online right now

    I only just read about it, so if you hurry you can get into the happening-now GhostBSD meetup on Jitsi.

  • SEMIBUG: ZFS with Allan Jude, tonight

    SEMIBUG’s January talk is on ZFS with Allan Jude, and it’s tonight, 7 PM Detroit time.  There’s some AV-on-OpenBSD notes that go with it.

  • NYCBUG lunch happening momentarily

    Not today, but for future Fridays: eat lunch with NYCBUG.  Say something if you can attend. Update: I misinterpreted, I thought it was reoccurring weekly starting next week, but it happened today.  I was working and couldn’t get to it.  I think it’s the equivalent meeting for this month, instead.  Somebody from NYCBUG set me […]

  • NYCBUG lunch this Friday

    Posting this early cause it happens before the regular In Other BSDs post: You can eat lunch virtually with NYCBUG members this Friday, 1-2PM EST.

  • SemiBUG meeting tonight

    It’s on Jitsi so you can totally attend.  The announcement also mentions the next three months of presentations and who’s coming in to present.  There’s some good (not necessarily BSD) content on the way.

  • ChiBUG meeting tonight

    ChiBUG meets tonight, in person.  RSVP and go, if you are near.

  • In Other BSDs for 2021/12/11

    A little short this week but the holidays are catching up to me. The Apple Macintosh as a User Interface Agent for Unix Systems.  (via) BSDCan 2022 is going to happen and maybe even in person.  The call for papers is out. ChiBUG is meeting this Tuesday, the 14th. FreeBSD 12.3 is out. Valuable News […]

  • BSD Now 432: Introducing OpenZFS 3.0 – Yeah

    This week’s BSD Now talks about HAMBUG, the BUG meeting I don’t catch enough, plus ZFS news.

  • In Other BSDs for 2021/12/04

    Not just release announcements this week. NYCBUG is down today for a significant hardware move. FOSDEM 2022 is going to have a BSD Devroom.  It’s online, so you can submit prerecorded talks – submissions due December 31. Valuable News – 2021/11/29. GhostBSD 21.11.24 ISO is now available. mfs: sometimes useful? Exploring NetBSD’s msgs(1).  (via) Review: […]

  • SEMIBUG tonight: Deb Goodkin, FreeBSD Foundation

    SEMIBUG’s meeting is tonight, online, with Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation presenting.

  • In Other BSDs for 2021/11/13

    Note the upcoming SEMIBUG meeting.  I’ll post a reminder. Jenkins with FreeBSD Agents in EC2.  (via) Manage Kubernetes Cluster from FreeBSD with kubectl. (via) What if Internet stops? How to rebuild an offline federated infrastructure using OpenBSD. OpenBSD on Raspberry Pi 4 with Full-Disk Encryption.  (via) SEMIBUG is meeting November 16th, with a presentation from […]