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  1. Hi guys

    This is not about ChiBUG but about DragonFly.

    I get the impression DragonFly BSD is quietly sinking into oblivion. It seems to me one of the main reasons is the steep learning curve for anyone who is not an IT-crack.

    The present version gets screwed by the first update when a config file is overwritten and the system cannot find the package sources any more. Then, once this was fixed, I tried to install the Mate desktop according to the manual – but again, it would not work…

    So my suggestion is: Include a simple default desktop out of the box that gets everybody started. I would suggest the Fluxbox window manager as it is used in MX-Linux. It is small, runs blazingly fast and has all the functionality necessary. It can be configured to look really good.

    This would make this unique project available to a broader audience and surely in time it will get the support this unique project deserves.

  2. Missed your updates. The mix of BSD, Nostalgic and Obscure makes this one of the most interesting places to visit on the internet.


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