This came together in about a day.  
Some link cleanout going on here.
Done while on the road.
I'm a bit late because of travel, but you still should see the latest BSD Now; the CHERI system is interesting and underappreciated.
I managed to avoid a dominant theme this week.  On purpose!  I think it means a better summary.
The last link has some interesting applications to try.
This week's BSD Now has a bunch of how-to-do-this links, as you might guess from the headline.
Predrag Punosevac has some notes on how he cleaned up some HAMMER drives and freed up half his disk space.
Some cranky links, some fun links. Unrelated game of the week: Hexagonal Pipes.
Some useful tips hidden in there this week.  
This week's BSD Now takes its title from one of the links talking about how cat(1) works, which reminds me of this article about how the very original implementation of grep was crazy fast.