Back from NYCBSDCon

Well, almost – I’m still in an airport.  I didn’t get to liveblog because of some Atheros chipset issues that are now conveniently solved, but I’ll have a lengthy post by tomorrow detailing the NYCBSDCon convention.  The short version: lots of fun, you all should do it.

Deduplication arrives

Ilya Dryomov’s work on deduplication for Hammer has been committed to the tree in an early test form.  I guess I need to pay up as part of the code bounty.  If you’re wondering how much space it will save, but don’t want to try non-production code yet, there’s a ‘hammer dedup-simulate’ command that will estimate the saving ratio.

This is great news – deduplication is so valuable it adds an extra zero onto the price of any storage device that can do it.

Lazy Reading: Clouds, cookies, bugs, more

A catch-up week.

  • Ivan Voras askes for the ‘anti-cloud‘, a true decentralization of resources instead of the cloud-as-a-central-service-from-one-company, which is what it’s becoming now.
  • How not to design a protocol, about HTTP cookies.   (via)  I’ve heard from far more people worried about cookies and the need to clear or block them, than, say, people who realize the risks that programs like Firesheep expose.  Such is life.
  • Will be needed: a SSH VPN.  (via)  Did I link this already?
  • ‘radek’ sends along news of Giant DragonFlies.  Not the most scientific of articles, but a fun thought.
  • sshd, given actual form.
  • Dru Lavigne’s got a nice summary of MeetBSD, complete with pictures, audio, and video.  More conferences should be covered this completely, and quickly.