Things to eat up your day

It’s a holiday weekend, at least in the United States, so I’m posting few things that take time to view.

Murray Stokely mentioned this in a comment, but it’s juicy enough to warrant a post: the BSD Conferences channel on YouTube has all 17 of the recent AsiaBSDCon 2010 presentations, plus a lot more from other conferences.

Phil Foglio, the fellow who drew the original BSD Daemon, has several comics strips, all of which are available for free – Buck Godot (complete), MythAdventures (in progress), What’s New with Phil and Dixie (in progress), and Girl Genius (in progress and in print).

Messylaneous for 2010/05/27: destroying flash, Unix, programming

I had a sudden buildup of things to link to.  It’s three items, but there’s enough info here to eat a few hours…

Messylaneous for 2010/05/18: Facebook, fsck

A brief history of fsck (via)  Is “A Brief History of X” a meme all by itself?  Searching on it gave me this book of course, but also this interesting article about Internet history.

I’ve been restraining myself from a Facebook rant (other than deleting my Facebook account), as there’s plenty of people complaining about Facebook out there.  This description, however, is as good a reason as anything for why there’s better choices.

Speaking of getting away from Facebook and fsck, apparently a “dirty Unix joke” made it into a New York Times photo about Facebook alternatives.  (via)

That was my best segue ever.

Totally unrelated now: “Clickykeyboards, and various links about them.  (via)  There’s at least a few person who’s going to read those links and get excited based on a mix of nostalgia and utility.