www.dragonflybsd.org runs using ikiwiki, which I just updated to the latest version.  Everything looks OK, but tell me if I'm wrong.
Yay, acronyms!  GSoC student David Shao has an extensive page up describing the state of his work so far.
It's a holiday weekend, at least in the United States, so I'm posting few things that take time to view. Murray Stokely mentioned this in a comment, but it's juicy enough to warrant a post: the BSD Conferences channel on YouTube has all 17 of the recent AsiaBSDCon 2010 presentations, plus a lot more from other conferences. Phil Foglio, the fellow who drew the original BSD Daemon, has several comics strips, all of which are available for free - Buck Godot (complete), MythAdventures (in progress), What's New with Phil and Dixie (in progress), and Girl Genius (in progress and in print).
I had a sudden buildup of things to link to.  It's three items, but there's enough info here to eat a few hours...
Matthew Dillon's been running swapcache on an Intel X-25 SSD on a very busy (in terms of disk) machine for some months now.  Over a long period, the disk activity will wear down the SSD, but it's important to see if swapcache makes a significant difference with extended use.  Do you have to trade disk life for speedy I/O?  He reports the results in a recent email.
YONETANI Tomokazu pointed out something that could be useful in the future: when you start getting drive errors, before you throw it out, try lowering the speed.  Maybe it's a cable problem, if you're lucky.
Not the music, but the setting.  The May issue of BSD Magazine is out, though there isn't a page for it on the website yet.  Instead, I'll point at the PDF. (I posted about the last issue twice, didn't I?  Oops.)
Paul Onyschuk went and created a very neat and very long Gource movie using one of the oldest codebases out there: NetBSD.  It's available on Vimeo.  His original data is available if anyone wants to try something similar.
A brief history of fsck (via)  Is "A Brief History of X" a meme all by itself?  Searching on it gave me this book of course, but also this interesting article about Internet history. I've been restraining myself from a Facebook rant (other than deleting my Facebook account), as there's plenty of people complaining about Facebook out there.  This description, however, is as good a reason as anything for why there's better choices. Speaking of getting away from Facebook and fsck, apparently a "dirty Unix joke" made it into a New York Times photo about Facebook alternatives.  (via) That was my best segue ever. Totally unrelated now: "Clicky" keyboards, and various links about them.  (via)  There's at least a few person who's going to read those links and get excited based on a mix of nostalgia and utility.
Sevan Janiyan passed along a note: there's a *BSD meetup at the Barrowboy and Banker pub by London Bridge, in London, the 27th of May. I'd love to attend, both because it's BSD and because it's a pub. That pesky Atlantic gets in the way.