Vincent Stemen has a compiled version of the Linux Test Project available to download and run for anyone interested in helping linuxulator progress.  Note that this is not a coding exercise, but rather a reporting exercise, so that we can identify what needs work in the linuxulator.
Matthew Dillon's finished his work on a new API; he's also posted a short wrapup.  This fixes some issues found by fsx for UFS and Hammer, especially in low-memory situations.
Google Summer of Code for 2010 is accepting applications from mentor organizations starting March 8th.  Pending acceptance by Google, DragonFly will participate. If you've got ideas, or if you want to mentor (or both!), enter something on the GSOC 2010 page on the DragonFly website.
Jan Lentfer has an update for sendmail, an update for file, and also an update for groff.  Apparently he really can whip it out. (Man, it's hard to track down the web page for 'file' with an Internet search without knowing some author names.)
There's a number of things that all came together in the last 24 hours or so, which means: bullet points!
  • Jen Lentfer took my suggestion and ran with it.  He's got an update to Sendmail 8.14.4 on the way too.
  • Binary pkgsrc-2009Q4 packages for DragonFly 2.4.x/i386 are all uploaded.
  • I finished a build of pkgsrc-2009Q4 for DragonFly 2.5.x/x86_64 - take a look and fix some of the broken items, if that interests you.
  • Weekend reading: check out this Trivium post as there's some interesting historical items.  I may try that LackRack idea in a environment that doesn't fit a normal rack well...
A build of pkgsrc-2009Q4 for DragonFly 2.4/i386 is complete, and uploading now to  When the upload's done, I'll change the symlink so that pkg_radd downloads from the new collection.  Builds for x86_64 and 2.5 will be done soon. There's a couple packages - lang/mono, devel/boost-libs - that can be fixed with some updates; I'll do so next chance I get.
Matthew Dillon has a summary of the development work he's done over the past week or so.  The condensed version: things faster, bugs fixed.  Generally what you want to hear.
Joerg Sonnenberger's planning to remove more old pkgsrc packages.  This includes some packages like php4, which is common and also should die.  There's discussion that can be followed from the post for some details.
The economy, at least in the U.S., seems to be improving.  With that in mind, I've seen some traffic on the freebsd-jobs mailing list lately.  BSD-specific jobs are harder to come by, so take a look if you're 'in the market'.
I started building the pkgsrc-2009Q4 packages on several machines tonight, and I noticed something.  The previous quarterly release, pkgsrc-2009Q3, had 8,969 packages.  This release has 9,100.  That's right - OVER 9,000!
Still not used to typing "2010".
There isn't an official release announcement as of this moment, but the next quarterly release of pkgsrc is out.  This is 2009Q4, meaning development happened in the 4th quarter of 2009.  I'll start binary package builds for DragonFly tonight...