DMA updates

DMA, the DragonFly Mail Agent, has been updated so that it can deliver email from cron job output.  DMA is a former Summer of Code project to make a local-only mailer for DragonFly systems, so that larger mail transfer agents (like Sendmail or Postfix) are not needed on a system that isn’t designed to receive mail from external sources.  There’s a TODO list (click the gitweb link) if you’d like to contribute.

Upgrading pkgsrc; a summarized discussion

Siju George asked about updating pkgsrc packages, both on DragonFly mailing lists and on pkgsrc-users@.  The ensuing discussion can be boiled down to several alternatives: pkg_chk in a separate chroot, pkg_rolling-replace, or pkgin, pointed at  I’ve used pkg_rolling-replace several times with good results, and it may be possible to convince it to use binary packages, too.

@Play: going overseas

The latest @Play column, “A Date With Asuka“, covers an unlicensed Japan-only roguelike in 3D for the Dreamcast.  I had to think about that sentence very carefully in order to type it; @Play is seeking out more esoteric roguelike variants than I thought possible.