2 separate bugs: threading, Xorg

Hasso Tepper has a “BIG FAT WARNING” about two new issues: threaded programs are broken on bleeding-edge DragonFly because of a possible GCC bug that was only recently exposed, and Xorg in pkgsrc has issues with the Intel driver.

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert already has one change in that may fix the issue with threaded programs, and is working on the Intel driver issue.

Update: more threading changes.

xorg updates for testing

Hasso Tepper has some xorg updates to fix problems he’s seen with the intel video driver.  The versions of these packages in pkgsrc are old enough that the changes can’t be committed ‘upstream’ to xorg, so he’s attacking the problem from the opposite direction and upgrading the software.

He reported significant EXA performance improvements, so it’s definitely worthwhile.  It’s tested on DragonFly but will probably benefit other pkgsrc-using platforms too.