New pkgsrc mailing list

There’s a new mailing list – – specifically for people using pkgsrc packages. is now for packagers. To subscribe, send ‘subscribe pkgsrc-users’ to

Pkgsrc questions should generally go to this new list, though DragonFly-specific questions should be asked on first. (Unless, of course, the package doesn’t build yet on DragonFly.)

Interestingly, the number of actual broken pkgsrc packages is down to only 10% of the entire collection. Much credit is due to Joerg Sonnenberger, Jeremy C. Reed, and others, for knocking this quantity down.

Everyone’s an editor

Greg Lehey’s big book, “The Complete FreeBSD”, is now available as a PDF and as a set of source files under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone can download, update, and submit back changes. This was the first book ever on FreeBSD, and it’s a big ‘un.

Hosting suggestions welcome

This worked great when I was looking for a laptop, so I’ll solicit opinions again:

If I wanted to move to someplace that wasn’t the end of my cable modem, where could I look? A perfect solution would be someplace where I could put a small rackmounted server in, and run DragonFly.

NVIDIA, and 3D in general

Since DragonFly has been diverging from the FreeBSD 4 model, and because NVIDIA no longer produces a FreeBSD 4 X11 driver, there is no 3D acceleration for NVIDIA chipset video cards under DragonFly. It’s frustrating, though there are efforts to deal with this.

Looking at the latest version of xorg, there is mention in a few places of 3D support for more recent ATI cards, though it’s not reflected in the radeon man page.