Pesky multibyte characters

A little tip picked up from Liam Foy Adrian Nida on #dragonflybsd on EFNet: If you have a 16-bit UTF file, cat and less will read it with ^@ characters all through the file. The pkgsrc package converters/recode will allow cleanup like so:

cat file.utf16 | recode utf16..ascii > file.ascii

Update: Several people pointed out that iconv can do the same thing.

Atheros + WEP possible

Adrian Michael Nida has created a patch from Andrew Atrens’ work that will allow a Atheros-based wireless card to work on the current release of DragonFly and use WPA. Andrew Atrens does have some corrections. If you have this hardware, please give it a whirl; as patches for this have been around for a while, and it would be nice to have it in the tree.

Comment closing

Since the only folks who comment on months-old stories are spammers, I’m turning off comments on older entries. This should only affect you if you need to tell me about L3v|tr4 and C1a|is, or frequently post garbled links back to your bizarre porn site.