Hosting suggestions welcome

This worked great when I was looking for a laptop, so I’ll solicit opinions again:

If I wanted to move to someplace that wasn’t the end of my cable modem, where could I look? A perfect solution would be someplace where I could put a small rackmounted server in, and run DragonFly.

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  1. Sounds like you want a colo, but I can’t help with that. I don’t know of any good ones other than the big guys like MCI which has an awesome facility in Wilmington, CA (amongst others of course). Although, if you don’t mind a shared server type of service then Thinkhost ( has been really good to me in the past. They run on FreeBSD and use MySQL as their database.


  2. If a FreeBSD jail is OK, you might be interested in EscapeBox: many ports already installed (cf. and kept up to date for you and a very kind support.
    Prices take into account peak bandwidth, cumulative trafic, CPU and I/O consumptions, etc.
    Worth a look, IMO.


  3. I don’t want to being evil, but the japanese dragonflybsd digest seems a lot better (more content and more updated).

    What about doing the English dfbsd digest as official into and the Japanese one in something like ;)

    I know people are occupied in probably more important stuff, but could be nice if joining the stuff instead a bunch of unofficial/inofficial pages, probably this will have a more proffessional look and it can be easier to concentrate the help from other users.

  4. The Japanese digest and this site seem to update at about the same rate – we’re covering the same material, after all. At least, I assume so since I can’t read Japanese. :)

    It would be nice to have the headlines from this site (and the Japanese Digest) show up on, which would require some site changes first. I say we need lots and lots of unofficial pages – the more the better!

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