Everyone’s an editor

Greg Lehey’s big book, “The Complete FreeBSD”, is now available as a PDF and as a set of source files under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone can download, update, and submit back changes. This was the first book ever on FreeBSD, and it’s a big ‘un.

3 Replies to “Everyone’s an editor”

  1. I wonder how much effort it would take to “port” the book over to DragonflyBSD? That would be a large aid in gaining mindshare and a good source of documentation. If I part of the leadership I would make this a non-quite-top priority.

  2. It seems quite interesting, DragonFly BSD project needs quite a lot of documentation and improving the official page (integrating dfbsd digest into the official page?). ;)

  3. The book duplicates handbook material to some extent, or doesn’t apply any longer, so updating the handbook is probably the quickest path.

    I am curious to see if information from the other BSDs gets added to the book. I think I have a copy of the third edition around here…

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