CVS trick

While talking about other issues, Matthew Dillon noted that if you pull your source files from CVS to a local repository and then check them out, you should have a ~/.cvsrc containing:

update -Pd
checkout -P

This will prune directories otherwise deleted in CVS but still present for “bookkeeping”.

Hacks, tricks, blogs

(from bsdnews) Dru Lavigne of BSD Hacks and FreeBSD Basics fame has made a pamphlet called “BSD Success Stories“. (Alternate link to the PDF)  There’s a mention of DragonFly in there.

There will be another version of this pamphlet, so if you have a DragonFly success story, you should be able to guess what to do next. Here’s Dru’s original blog mention of “Success Stories”. Also worthwhile in her blog is a visit to NYCBUG‘s recent event with Kirk McKusick/Eric Allman.

Yet Another Committer

Liam J. Foy has commit access, the lucky fellow. There’s been a number of new committers added – Hidetoshi Shimokawa, YONETANI Tomokazu, and Scott Ullrich. DragonFly commit status is not as exclusive a club as with FreeBSD, so I’ve been lax in keeping track.