I'm moving my hosted locations around; this site may not be available temporarily dring the next few days as DNS updates.
Douwe Kiela wrote in to mention that the Dutch Linux Magazine (October edition) has an article about DragonFly, written by him, and on page 48.
In this ONLamp.com story about the upcoming OpenBSD 3.6, it's revealed that apparently the new multiprocessor support will be much like the Big Giant Lock (BGL) in FreeBSD-4.
Andreas Hauser has a FireFox 1.0.1 package for DragonFly. Add it using pkg_add -r url. (You may need this patch.)
Steve Jothen managed to transcribe the recent bsdnews.org video of Matthew Dillon, and posted it to the users@ list. Also, Adrian Nida found out how much trouble a spurious error message can cause...
While talking about other issues, Matthew Dillon noted that if you pull your source files from CVS to a local repository and then check them out, you should have a ~/.cvsrc containing: update -Pd checkout -P This will prune directories otherwise deleted in CVS but still present for "bookkeeping".
The latest entry in David Rhodus's journal notes the strange "unreleasing" of FreeBSD 5.3 back to first release candidate status.
Joerg Sonneberger is itching to get rid of OLDCARD. Anyone using it?
Joerg Sonneberger added the NetBSD version of gzip. It uses the new libz, so it works more efficiently, plus it's not GNU, which matters to some folks.
Crescent Anchor has had a site redesign. Crescent Anchor makes FireFlyBSD, which is (as far as I know) a commercial derivative of DragonFly. The product is showing up in Google ads, too.
Yeah, OK, I've been traveling, and not keeping up, if you can't tell by all the posts today. There's a Quicktime video of fearless leader Matthew Dillon up on Daemonnews, found by Emiel Kollof. (A direct link to the .mov file if you don't have movie playing working with your browser-of-choice)
Liam J. Foy has commit access, the lucky fellow. There's been a number of new committers added - Hidetoshi Shimokawa, YONETANI Tomokazu, and Scott Ullrich. DragonFly commit status is not as exclusive a club as with FreeBSD, so I've been lax in keeping track.
Matthew Dillon posted that the Stable tag will be moved up as of late tonight. A new "known good" ISO image should be up later this week, too.
GNU readline 5.0 has been committed by Joerg Sonnberger, from suggestions by Simon 'corecode' Schubert. Joerg also added GDB 6.2.1 which (at this point) requires "make obj; make depend all install" in gnu/usr.bin/gdb in order to use it.
Joerg Sonnenberger removed gcc 3.3 - nobody should miss it, as gcc 3.4 is installed.
zlib has been updated to version 1.2.2- inflating and crc32 functions should be faster, by 20% and 50%, respectively.
uname -a will now use the CVS tag from the cvsup of code involved in building that kernel. In more explicit terms, DragonFly_Stable will now be reported as such, instead of CURRENT.
Ever wonder how to save those crash dumps, especially if your /var is teeny-tiny? Wonder no more.