BSDNow 085: PIE in the Sky

Episode 085 of BSDNow has a conversation with Pascal Stumpf about PIE in OpenBSD, along with the usual mix of news.  In the mix is a link to the 1.5.0 release notes for pkg, which affects a number of BSDs, DragonFly included.

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Changing to gcc 5.0

The default compiler in DragonFly is going to change over from GCC 4.7 to GCC 5.x very soon, to match the GCC 5.1 release.  This means that packages built for DragonFly-master won’t be compatible with the old ones.  You will need to reinstall packages when you next ‘pkg install’.  John Marino has an extensive writeup detailing what’s needed, and the actual change is some days off.

If you are using DragonFly 4.0.x (the release), this doesn’t affect you at all.

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i915 update to try

Francois Tigeot has a new update to the drm/i915 driver for testing.  It matches, feature-wise, what’s in Linux 3.12.  Try it if you’ve got the hardware.  (and dragonfly-master)

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Today’s outage brought to you by squirrels

The insulation on the external lines leading here are apparently delicious, if you’re a squirrel.

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Periodic reports on DragonFly

I have had trouble with my daily/weekly periodic reports never making it to my GMail account.  Sascha Wildner pointed out to me that periodic.conf has its own answer already:


… and newsyslog is already set to take care of them.  There’s more in the periodic.conf man page.


Lazy Reading for 2015/04/12

Without meaning to, I’ve broken into full-on computer nostalgia this week.  Don’t know how it happened, but at least the links are interesting.

Your unrelated tea link of the week: The man who drank too much iced tea.  He wasn’t drinking that much, which makes me a bit worried about my own hot tea consumption.  (via)

Your unrelated psychedelic rock video of the week: Lightning Bolt’s The Metal East.  If you find the art interesting, start looking for Fort Thunder comics.  (via)

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In Other BSDs for 2015/04/11

At the last minute, as usual.

Lastly: nvi2, a multibyte folk of nvi, seen in multiple places.  This may be good for every BSD to adopt.  (every other BSD, I mean.)

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DragonFly on Vultr

There’s been some linking to the updated HAMMER2 design document.  The Reddit link doesn’t have anything specific, but the Hacker News one has some details (including a credit code!) for installing DragonFly on a Vultr VPS.

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Mars time, too

Noticed in the most recent time zone data update for DragonFly: some people keep Mars time.

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ACPICA update for DragonFly

The most recent (well, this is the mostest recent) update of ACPICA for DragonFly, by Sascha Wildner, is different from the usual import: it happens to include actual upstream support for DragonFly

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BSDNow 084: pkg remove freebsd-update

This week’s BSDNow talks with Baptiste Daroussin about developing and using pkg, for ports and for packaging the base FreeBSD system.  (Baptiste has been seen on #dragonflybsd, since pkg is on DragonFly, so I’m sure there’s some relevant bits there, too.)  There’s also the usual news summary.

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Hammer and Hammer2 details

I haven’t been drawing enough attention to it, but there’s been a bunch of HAMMER filesystem activity lately: First, Tomohiro Kusumi has been working on HAMMER – these posts are a small subset of his commits.  Second, Matthew Dillon has been working full steam ahead on HAMMER2.  The HAMMER2 design document has been updated (read this!), and he’s already accomplished master->slave disk syncing.

It’s not ready for production, of course, which you may already realize, so don’t install it unless you want to work on the code.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/04/05

Happy Easter!  It means chocolate for me.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Jason Shiga’s comics.  It’s an article about the comics, not the comics themselves, so go to his site next.  (via)

Also unrelated: tea is one of the topics I link here, and alert reader Jeff Ramnani pointed out Strand Tea as a good source.  I also saw Deep Mills referenced in the UK.  Anyone else have a favorite online vendor?

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In Other BSDs for 2015/04/04

If you’re part of a BSD user group, please let me know your schedule.  I’m able to catch NYCBUG announcements cause I’m on their announce@ mailing list – but I could use more.

Info pages gone

Do you use info pages?  Yeah, me neither.  John Marino’s removed or converted the various info pages already in DragonFly, and removed texinfo since it’s no longer required.  (I’ve linked to a few examples, but there were a number more commits than this.)

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BSDNow 083: woN DSB

This week’s BSDNow has the usual roundup of news, including some… suspicious items, plus an interview of Kamila Soucková about conferences and Google Summer of Code.  They note this Hammer2 proposal.

April Fools Day; disbelieve everything

Today’s the annual Bad Tech Joke, also known as April Fools Day.  I don’t do those here, cause I think of them like this.  This is your public service announcement to ignore most of what you read for the next 24 hours or so.

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Blue bug, new shell

The default .cshrc in DragonFly has had some changes, which shouldn’t be anything but handy… assuming you are using tcsh.  Also: the loader menu defaults to a blue Fred, now.

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New binutils, faster build

In the process of committing binutils 2.25 to DragonFly, John Marino also broke its build into parallel parts and removed the build of the gold linker.  Buildworlds should be noticeably faster now, though I don’t have a before/after.

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New wireless documentation

John Marino’s written an extensive page about wireless and DragonFly, on

Lazy Reading for 2015/03/29

Pre-assembled over the week, since I have an odd weekend schedule this week.  On the plus side, there’s lots to click here.

Unrelated link of the week: Tea.  Contains strong language.

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In Other BSDs for 2015/03/28

It’s been a quiet week in BSD-land, at least in terms of me finding links.

Keymap details

If you’re looking to change your DragonFly system’s keymapping to support a non-US character set, use this users@ post from Adolf Augustin as a cheat sheet to make all the right changes.

Clustering and copies in HAMMER2

Matthew Dillon answered some mailing list questions on how clustering and data copies will work in HAMMER2 – no due date, of course, because this is very complex.  If you’re really into it, there’s always watching the recent commits.

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BSDNow 082: SSL in the wild

BSDNow 082 is up, talking with Bernard Spil about LibreSSL adoption in FreeBSD ports.  There’s lots of other material listed – see the BSDTalk page for a summary of all the topics covered.

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New locking and synchronization docs

Matthew Dillon has rewritten the Locking and Synchronization documentation for DragonFly.  Keep this in mind the next time you say “Which lock should I use for this new software/ported software?”  There’s also locking(9).

bsdtalk252: Brian Callahan and

BSDTalk 252 has 18 minutes of conversation with Brian Callahan, who runs, an OpenBSD-based shell provider.

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A PHP upgrade note

The other day, I updated some packages using pkg.  The default version of PHP went from 5.4 to 5.6.  I ended up doing what /usr/dports/UPGRADING says and making a list of all PHP packages on my system, before removing PHP and its dependencies.  I then reinstalled the packages that used PHP, bringing the needed packages back in at the right version.  pkg 1.4 didn’t handle the transition cleanly, unfortunately.  I also had to specify mod_php56 because pkg was trying to get the 5.4 version despite it not being default.

None of these are insurmountable problems, but it never hurts to be forewarned.  pkg 1.5 is on the horizon and may have an easier time with sorting these types of dependency/version changes.  This may apply to FreeBSD in addition to DragonFly.

DragonFly 4.0.5 out

I’ve tagged version 4.0.5 of DragonFly, and it’s available at your nearest mirror.  This revision is mostly to incorporate the newest OpenSSL security bump.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/03/22

As you read this, I am probably watching a storage processor reboot.

I’d love to see fewer developers demanding superficial perks, and more of them asking to have more time to contribute to the open source products we use, mentor young developers, and learning more about the space they occupy. All of those result in us growing as developers in more than just our coding skills.

Your unrelated link of the week: National Corndog Day.  Has audio.  (via)

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In Other BSDs for 2015/03/21

Not done in a last-minute rush before the weekend, yay!  Done early cause I have to work over the weekend, boo!

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New OpenSSL so new point release

OpenSSL has yet another security update, and Sascha Wildner has added it to DragonFly.  It probably justifies a 4.0.5 release, so I’ll be working on that.

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New sshlockout option

As a side effect of the new ipfw3 import, the sshlockout script included with DragonFly now has -pf and -ipfw options.

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SSD and book recommendations

Some recent users threads pointed at SSD wear stats, along with what Matthew Dillon has seen on machines, and good filesystem books.

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New ipfw in DragonFly

Bill Yuan’s work on a new ipfw has been committed, and for clarity, called “ipfw3“.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/03/15

Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day!  An excuse in the U.S. to wear green things and drink beer.

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In Other BSDs for 2015/03/14

I goofed up and didn’t complete last weeks’ In Other BSDs before it published, so you get some extra this week.

Extra world messages

Next time you’re building or installing world on your DragonFly system (running master), your computer will do a better job letting you know the status.

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USB update

Matthew Dillon pulled in a new USB update from FreeBSD to DragonFly.  What does it change?  I’m not completely sure, but he did it to get apcupsd working, so that may be a hint.

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HDMI sound trick

If you have a HDMI-connected monitor, but no sound, this trick about increasing available memory may help.

BSDNow 80: The PC-BSD Tour II

The newest BSDNow video goes into PC-BSD and booting, and interviews Justin Gibbs about the FreeBSD Foundation.

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pfSense class results

Hey, look what I have! There’s a pfSense pair of classes available to take. I went through them and found them worthwhile. pfSense is easy enough to use that a dedicated person can puzzle through most of the settings, eventually, but I don’t have “eventually”, and I want to encourage BSD products in my workplace… so here we are.


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DragonFly 4.0.4 out

DragonFly 4.0 has had a minor point release, to 4.0.4.  There was a bug in the initial install where the rescue image installed on disk would be incorrect.  This was fixed after the first time a build/installworld was done, but might as well have it start out right.  There’s some other small fixes, and the release commit will show you the summary.  Download from your nearest mirror or update normally.

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Sendmail removed, DMA added

John Marino has removed Sendmail from DragonFly (as part of the base system), and replaced it with DMA, the DragonFly Mail Agent.  If you just need delivery to local users, DMA will do the trick.

The announcement message covers what you need to do to deal with it (potentially nothing), and there’s more in-depth documentation to cover how to switch if you need more full-featured software.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/03/08

This is the Lazy Reading mix I like – some history, some commentary.

Your unrelated link of the week: Perfect cup of tea renders all other tea pointless.  A sloppy joke, so let me share these recipes for masala chai and hobnobs instead.  I’m hungry.


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In Other BSDs for 2015/03/07


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Tarsnap Mastery book out

Michael W. Lucas’s Tarsnap Mastery book is out, in electronic form.  While not a strictly BSD news items, it’s a service built on BSD, so worth looking at if you care about that – or about encryption.

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BSDNow 079: Just Add QEMU

The newest BSDNow episode talks with Sean Bruno about poudriere and QEMU.  He’s using those tools on FreeBSD, but poudriere is useful for building dports on DragonFly, too.  The usual news collection is there, too.

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Book release party in NYC tomorrow night

NYCBUG is having a book release event for “The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System” with George Neville-Neil, one of the authors. It’s happening tomorrow night, at the Stone Creek Bar & Lounge: 140 E 27th St. George Neville-Neil will be talking about DTrace, and there’s copies of the book to buy/win.

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BSDtalk 251: 10 Gigabits per Server

The just-posted BSDTalk 251 is 47 minutes long, and comes from vBSDCon 2013, with three people interviewed about Verisign and FreeBSD.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/03/01

The temperatures climbed up to almost not freezing this week!  It feels so warm.

Your unrelated video link of the week: The Chemistry of Cookies.

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In Other BSDs for 2015/02/28

Well, this week just sort of took off for BSD links.

A late update: NYCBUG’s upcoming meetings and presentations, with the next one on March 4th, this week.  If you have a local BSD user group, I would like to know about it!

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Got Nagios? Got Hammer?

If you’re monitoring your DragonFly systems with Nagios, here’s a way to check the health of your Hammer mirror-streams.  Thanks, Mike!

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BSDNow 078: From the Foundation (Part 2)

BSDNow 078 is up with more BSD Foundation interviews.  It’s not a sequel, but a switch: the last one was with a FreeBSD Foundation member, and this week’s episode is with Ken Westerback of the OpenBSD Foundation.   There’s the normal added news, too, with a description of what’s coming at BSDCan 2015.

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Did you upgrade DragonFly on the 25th?

If you are on DragonFly-master and you upgraded during select hours on the 25th of February, you may have been bit by a makefile error.  The fix, as listed in that link, is simple:

cp /usr/src/share/mk/ /usr/share/mk

If you are not on -master or you did not upgrade in that timeframe: never mind.

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DragonFly GUI resurrected

Michael Neumann has switched out pkgsrc packages for dports packages for building DragonFly with a GUI.  There’s no built image to download right now, but I’m optimistic the next release will have it.  You can build it now on a DragonFly system using src/nrelease.  With all this video work going in lately, it will give us something to show.

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Radeon updates, too

If you’ve been sitting with a Radeon-based video card and wishing you had all the nice updates i915 users are getting, today is your lucky day.  Michael Neumann has brought Radeon support equivalent to Linux 3.9 into DragonFly, and he has a 3.10 branch for testing if you feel adventurous.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/02/22

Lots of in-depth reading this week.  Put on something warm/drink something warm (especially if you are in the northeast US) and start reading.

Your unrelated quote of the week:

“If we had Smart Dogs right now, they’d have screens instead of ears, and they wouldn’t be able to bark in a somewhat indecipherable but yet still full of meaning way, they’d just have a whole bunch of notification icons that would come out of their butt and would all be red circles with numbers in them.”

Your unrelated link of the week: Drone over Niagara Falls.  That’s about 70 miles from here; I’ve been there many times.  That may give you an idea of the snow buildup/cold level here recently.

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In Other BSDs for 2015/02/21

There’s some DragonFly material in here, though I normally confine that to the rest of the week.  It’s inextricable from the rest of the links.

memtemp(4) update

I admit I never thought about it much, but I’ve also never had enough RAM to matter: there’s a memtemp(4) tool that monitors temperature sensors for your system’s memory.  Sepherosa Ziehau has updated it on DragonFly to support some newer processor setups.

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Really turning off Sendmail

This bites many people sooner or later: you think you’ve turned sendmail off, but it still gets opened up on your system.  The answer: sendmail_enable=”NONE”.

(It should support sendmail_enable=”NOPE”.)

BSDNow 077: Noah’s L2ARC

The 77th episode of BSDNow is up, with a tutorial on making a patch in OpenBSD, an interview of Alex Reece and Matt Ahrens about OpenZFS, and the usual news roundup.

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SSDs and disk wear

Several of the DragonFly machines used for building packages and/or releases have SSDs, and have been vigorously exercising those disks for some time.  SSDs are supposed to have a shorter lifetime than spindle-based hard drives.  However, Matthew Dillon found that there’s surprisingly little wear on those SSDs.  This empiric information was noticed in several places.

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HEADS UP: pkg will eat itself

Well, might rather than will , but I had to make a music reference.  There’s a bug in versions of pkg from 1.4.6(ish) to 1.4.11 that can make it accidentally delete itself while updating packages.  If this happens to you, there’s an easy fix, as posted to users@:

# cd /usr && make pkg-bootstrap

Once you’re on version 1.4.12+, you’re fine.

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Video updates to test

Do you have a DragonFly system with a Radeon or i915 video card?  There’s updates for the drivers associated with either; you can help out and test them.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/02/15

Being home sick in the middle of the week gave me a head start on all these links.

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In Other BSDs for 2015/02/14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your not-BSD BSD link of the week: Badass Space Dragon.

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New committer: Tomohiro Kusumi

Say hello to the newest DragonFly committer: Tomohiro Kusumi.  He’s been contributing Hammer patches for some time and appearing on IRC, so it’s easier to just let him make changes directly.  Welcome, Tomohiro.

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BSDNow 076: Time for a Change

BSDNow 076 interviews Henning Brauer about his work on OpenNTPD, which has recently been converted to a portable version, similar to OpenSSH.  (Why?  Amplification.)  There’s also the normal array of other BSD stories, including DragonFly, yay!

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More gcc 5 details

It’s now possible to build world and kernel on DragonFly using gcc 5, and Matthew Dillon has posted an announcement that describes how.  He also separately lists the (small considering the included C++) effect on build time.

Note that gcc 4.7 remains the default compiler.

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“Life with an OpenBSD Laptop” is tonight

If you’re in/near New York City, NYCBUG has a meeting tonight with Issac (.ike) Levy presenting “Life with an OpenBSD Laptop“.

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GCC 5 Arrives

John Marino has removed gcc 4.4 in DragonFly, and replaced it with gcc 5.0.  Two things to note: gcc 5 does not yet successfully build world, and DragonFly is an officially supported platform for gcc with this release.

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em(4), emx(4) updates

If you have a em(4)/emx(4) card, AKA ‘Intel(R) PRO/1000′, Michael Neumann has an update for you. It’s from Intel’s 7.2.4 release of the code.  This is to support the new I218 cards.  Initial reports are positive.

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Lazy Reading for 2015/02/08

I’m… not sure what happened this week.  I read the same amount of material, went through my RSS feeds, and this is the only stuff that looked linkable.  Sorry!


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In Other BSDs for 2015/02/07

This week is relatively quiet.

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DragonFly and Git

DragonFly is the only BSD, I think, to switch fully to Git for version control, and Matthew Dillon wrote up how DragonFly uses Git.

BSDNow 075: From the Foundation

BSDNow 075 has an interview with Ed Maste about what the FreeBSD Foundation has been up to, and I’m guessing from the “Part 1″ in the title there’s going to be more information in a subsequent show.  There’s also a roundup of various BSD news items — more than usual, I think.

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Many wireless updates

Matthew Dillon brought in some wireless networking updates – the ath(4), iwn(4), and wpi(4) drivers are updated.  There’s porting notes if you need them, too.  In related news, rum(4) is also improved.  The updates apparently benefited DragonFly and FreeBSD at the same time.

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More i915 upgrades

Francois Tigeot has updated the i915 drivers in DragonFly (remember the call for testing) to match what’s in Linux 3.10, which means you should get excellent accelerated video performance on most any recent Intel video chipset, on DragonFly.

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BSDTalk 250: WhatsApp

There’s two important numbers in this new, nearly-an-hour-long BSDTalk: Half a million billion, which are the number of people using FreeBSD via WhatsApp, and 250, which is the number of BSDTalk episodes so far.  That’s a great milestone for BSDTalk.  Oh, and the recording is from MeetBSD 2014, with Rick Reed talking.

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