Legal rights

Not directly DragonFly related, but still good to know of: One of Apple’s lawsuits was tossed.  The right to post early details about consumer products is not that important, but the ability of the press to report truthful details without ‘revenge‘ is important.

Hosting suggestions welcome

This worked great when I was looking for a laptop, so I’ll solicit opinions again:

If I wanted to move to someplace that wasn’t the end of my cable modem, where could I look? A perfect solution would be someplace where I could put a small rackmounted server in, and run DragonFly.

Off-topic: hardware as a software add-on

This doesn’t directly have anything to do with DragonFly, but it’s interesting: Sun is offering an Ultra 20 workstation free with a 3-year subscription to the services they offer. Those services cost $360 a year (which is how it’s billed, not monhly like they say), so it’s about $1K for the computer.

It’s certainly neat; while you could assemble a similar machine for close to a third of the price from off-the-shelf parts, it wouldn’t have the support, or run nearly as well. In terms of units, Sun is the second-largest Unix vendor around (here’s the first), and the biggest when it comes to server systems, as far as I know. If I worked with more Solaris machines, or more with Java, it would be an attractive offer. (First seen on The Howling Void.)

Odd news from China

There’s been precious little news – lots of activity, but nothing new – for the past 24 hours, so here’s a wierd link: Hubert Feyrer’s blog has a link to a Chinese operating system called Kylin, which apparently has some BSD-like elements, though it’s not clear just how much or from where.

Bug’s Life

Jonas Sundstrom posted a link to a site about real dragonflies, noting they do not bite or sting. Alexander Leidinger also posted a link to a German site.

(I will note I’ve been rammed in the head by dragonflies – that, you notice.)

Dragonfly song

A band named Universal Hall Pass (which is Melissa Kaplan, formerly of the band Splashdown) has a song called ‘Dragonfly’, two versions of which are available on the band ‘Sound’ page.

This has nothing to do with DragonFly BSD, other than coincidence in name.