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I’ve seen a couple sites using WordPress, lately. Anyone have opinons on it vs. Movable Type?

I’m not worried about cost or license – just utility. And a way to eliminate – not stick in a junk folder – all that comment spam!

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  1. Either work fine, so it’s up to you. Try WorkPress on a test place and see if you like it. A few friends of mine have converted to WorkPress because they love it as the license wasn’t their issue too.

  2. The #NetBSD-Blog uses WordPress 1.5 because it’s easy to install/maintain and small. It has not many fancy features but you can add them via plugins. We use these plugins: WP-Cache (caches pages, makes the whole thing faster), Democracy (a Poll), WP Admin Bar (adds a small bar at the top of the page for admin-stuff), Dashboard Options (greater flexibility for the dashboard) and Code Markup (enclose code with and you don’t have to care about how it’s displayed, for example >< ).

    Current is 2.0, we will update as soon as our plugins are working with it.

    Spam is not a problem because we only allow posts if a user is logged in, but there are lots of plugins to prevent spam.

  3. You should look at Serendipity (

    It is a full featured and extremely usable, though it has no one to really evangelize for it and it struggles with its branding (s9y vs. Serendipity vs. phpblog).

    From the website: “Serendipity is a weblog/blog system, implemented with PHP. It is standards compliant, feature rich and open source (BSD License).”

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